A List



  1. Giant hairbows make me happy.
  2. I have learned to crochet, and I’m addicted.  For real.  If it stands still long enough, it will either be fitted with some sort of flower, or a cozy.
  3. The pattern I found today was in Dutch.  I like a challenge.  It’s SO cute and easy…I may post it for you later!
  4. I’m working on a looonnnggg boring article on elderberry.  I know you want to read it.  Actually, the article is going to be good, but the writing process for me seems loooong and boring.  Which is why it’s not posted yet.  But I pinkie swear that I’ll work on it tonight.  Or I’ll crochet.  One of the two.
  5. My baby turns two on Saturday.  I would be in denial, except that he is a big, active Viking baby that looks older than two already.
  6. I’m going to crochet him a Viking hat with horns and a red beard for his birthday.  (Shhhh…don’t tell him.)
  7. My oldest child went through a phase last week where she either lost the lid to anything she touched, or just set it on top of the jar without screwing it down.  The Costco-jar-of-peanut-butter-down-Dad’s-leg event put a stop to that.
  8. My camera broke.  It’s almost 10 years old, and I’ve loved it and gotten tons of use out of it.  <sniff>  So, that’s why you’re getting some year and a half old photos in this list.  They’re relevaent.
  9. I can’t spell relavent. Relavant. Relevant.  FINALLY.
  10. I’m persistant.
  11. I can’t spell persistent.
  12. My NEW camera is on its way.  I can’t wait to crochet a cozy for it.
  13. Just kidding.
  14. Ending on 13 is unlucky.


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