A Matched Pair

My sweetie and I have been married for 16 years.  He has lots of great qualities…he is a hard worker, and he washes dishes.  He is my personal weather man, and he’s almost *always* right in his weather predictions.  He’s got a brilliant mind…he’s the guy you want on your team for Trivial Pursuit.  Especially for history and science questions.  Sometimes, he even helps with laundry!


The thing is, sometimes, I wonder if we both see eye to eye.  I, on one hand, am a very detail oriented person.  For instance, it takes me a looooonnnnnnggggg time to fold socks for all 6 of us.No problem.  It only takes him a few minutes.His secret?

If it’s white, it matches.

Funny term, the word ‘match’.  In my world, that means that means ‘same’.  As in same *everything*.Obviously, we differ, he and I.

One of these is actually a rag.

Something that has really, really helped me to understand my self and my hubby is a book called It’s Just My Nature, by Carol Tuttle.   It took me a few minutes to ‘get’ the idea behind the book.  At first, I was thinking ‘personality test’, but it’s a lot more than that.

Carol categorizes people by their true nature…the underlying ‘movement’ that they work best within as they go through life.

I am a type 4 person who enjoys details, and an innovative, decisive thinker.  But I do love people and having a good time!

My love is a type 3.  He is the man who gets things done quickly, creates practical solutions and strategies, and is a dynamic mover.

Our life can become quite entertaining.  Sometime, I’ll tell y’all the story of the not so successful ‘romantic bike ride’ on our honeymoon.

This book has been such a great help to me in understanding my husband and kids, and myself.  Carol goes into great detail about each movement, including strengths, challenges, and how to encourage and relate to each type.

Dear Carol, I would like to make a suggestion for another Type 3 ‘challenge’…

I’ve learned that if I want socks matched up to my standards, I just need to do it myself.   And while I like socks to match perfectly, I’m so very grateful to have married someone who is not just like I am…he’s my perfect compliment.

P.S. These are real photos of real events…names have been changed to protect the perpetrator of these shocking photos.

If you’d like to know more about the types, Carol’s daughter, Ann has a great blog post that gives an overview of the four types here.


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