Annie’s Bakery

This is another poem by my boy.

He was in a ‘poemish’ mood, and was looking for inspiration, so I asked
him to write about Annie’s Bakery.  This is something that the two of
them used to play for hours under the deck or in the woods…where ever
there was a plentiful supply of mud and berries.  This is what my boy
wrote for me…

Annie’s Bakery

By Cole Brown


There is a place in the yard out back

Where you can get a cookie, cake or snack.

They make the best food in town

But you have to wear a fancy gown.


Annie is the best cook ever known

The oven is made completely of stone.

She has an apprentice, a handsome young lad,

He’s usually good, no accidents he’s had


We’ve got berries and herbs; cones made of pine

And please don’t you worry…they taste really fine.

We gather them up, put them all in a pot.

Stir, chop and mash them, turn the oven on hot.


Out comes a delicious dish.

Or, if you’d like, we can make some fish,

Pinestraw noodles, or a soup of red clay.

You can eat here any day!

Tasty berries with juice so sweet,

Is dessert…have as much as you can eat.

Mom says that it’s time to go in

We hope to see you sometime again!


Please tell me that they’ll keep playing in the backyard and poking about in the mud and just being kids for a few more years.

the fort

I’m just not emotionally prepared for armpit hair yet.

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