Apothecary Kids Salve Review

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Salve is the very first herbal product that I made, and the first one that I fell in love with. I usually make my own (click here for my salve recipes), but sometimes it’s just nice to not have to DIY. Especially when it means washing out a pot that you’ve melted beeswax in. I love trying out small batch, handmade products, and I was recently given the opportunity to test out the salve and salve sticks from Apothecary Kids. (This is my affiliate link, so you’ll get the same great prices when you click through, but I’ll earn a small commission.)

Apothecary Kids is a small family owned business that’s just opening its doors. It’s sold under the website for it’s most well known product, Hobo Beard Oil.com. I’ve known the owner Donielle for a while through her blog, so I was happy to test out her products. One of my favorite things about her company is the focus on all of the products being kid friendly.

Apothecary Kids products are made with infused herbal oils instead of essential oils, meaning that you’re getting all of the herbal goodness in a gentler, more kid friendly form. Bravo, Apothecary Kids!

Another thing I love is that they offer a free shipping code. Free shipping is my FAVORITE! OR, for a limited time you can choose to use an amazing Buy One, Get One deal just for my readers. I’ll give you the details below. But first, let me introduce you to the salves.

Apothecary Kids Salve Review

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If you’ve never tried salve, allow me to introduce you.

It’s an oil based herbal ointment that’s thickened with wax, but the sum is SO much more than the parts here. The finished product should be a silky texture that is not overly greasy, and that absorbs quickly into the skin instead of just sitting on top. A good salve feels SO much nicer than yucky petroleum jelly based ointments.

This salve nails that silky texture just perfectly. apothecary kids review (12 of 17)

The little 2 oz. glass jar is just the right size- a jar this size lasts us about 6 months to a year here. She also happens to use the exact same herbs that I use in my formula, so I may be a little biased as to how effective this salve is.

At our house, we have a small jar of salve on each bathroom counter, and on my work desk. Because everyone needs to come show me their boo-boos. Including Dad. And salve pretty much is our go to for bites, stings, boo-boos, poison ivy, minor burns, scrapes, and pretty much anything involving skin. It rocks our socks off. Seriously.

I used to have to get steroid shots when I got poison ivy but now it’s no big deal. I just hit it with salve. I got a few dots of poison ivy on my recent camping trip, and treated right away. The dots shrunk, stopped itching, and never spread. And it’s JUST that effective on our mosquito bites too. It’s the one remedy that we can’t live without in the summer!

As much as I love our little tubs of salve, I think I’m going to mucho love this little gem:apothecary kids review (5 of 17)

That’s no tiny chapstick tube. Oh no, my friend. That’s a jumbo half ounce mega tube of roll up salve, known as the salve stick. That means it’s portable, and the application is mess free.

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This baby is going straight into my purse or vehicle first aid kit.  I might need to see if Donielle will make me some “soap on a rope” style salve sticks for my kids, because I know they’re going to discover this one and try to take it. I love this stuff so much that I would totally wear it around my neck.

Apothecary Kids Special Offer

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Apothecary Kids stocks more than just salves- they also carry diaper ointment, lip balms, and even a line of beard oil for Dad. And they’re going to be adding more all natural products through the year.

If you’d like to give them a try, go check them out at ApothecaryKids.com. Don’t you just love small, home based companies!? Tell Donielle what your favorite product is, or what you’d like to see them carry in the comments below.

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