As Seen on Tee Vee

I have a confession.

I love the Dollar Tree.

As if the $1 for 12 AA battery deal isn’t enough to keep me coming back, I am occasionally drawn in by an item that looks too good to be true.  And for only $1, I can splurge and then not have to kick myself too hard when it hits the bottom of the trashcan.

But this one…this one surprised me!

Meet the EZ Engraver.
I mean, it’s gotta be good.  It’s been seen on Tee Vee!

The Handy Engraver is really worth that $1.08. (It took two of my batteries)

So, the first test, I did on the bottom of a glass jar.  It actually worked!  Then I was on the hunt for something to engrave for real.


Bingo!  Cheesy spice recipe labels that have been on my lovely bottles since <ummmm>

labels, ca. 1998

Really!  Time for those to go.


So, all you have to do is push the little white button with your finger, and write in your best handwriting.  Don’t bear down, as it will stop the engraver.

Oh.  MUCH better!  I love!

Now to dig up some more things to engrave…
my cell phone
serving utensils &
casserole dishes (potlucks are not so lucky for my kitchenware at times)
sippy cups
homemade gift ideas
making my own pre-measured salad dressing recipe jar
or even engraving the glass canister that I use with my easy bread recipe

I might not be back for a while. :)

P.S. after trying this on high density plastics, it doesn’t work as well as on glass and metals.  I think a hot engraver would be a better tool for plastic items.

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