Awesome Thrift Find

Awesome thrift find, #37825: quilted duvet cover. 

I am very partial to a down comforter with a duvet cover.  For one thing, it allows me to change out the look of my bedroom for winter or summer…the down is comfy all year round.  I had a lavender cotton brocade duvet that I really loved, but after almost 10 years, the poor thing is pretty threadbare.  And parts of it are not so lavender anymore.

Which brings me to point number two about why I like a duvet: it’s easier to wash the duvet cover than a whole comforter when someone wipes their nose or spits up on it.  At some point in my life, it may no longer be necessary to consider poo, snot and puke removal before making purchases.

This is not that time.

In my favorite little thrift store here in town, I spotted this lovely fabric in a roll with some masking tape wrapped around it.  It said “Duvet Cover.” Hmmmm…

I’m usually not a huge fan of burgundy.  But this spoke to me.  It said “Old Man Pajamas”.

I said “Come to Mama.”

I love quilts. I especially love vintage prints, and I love finding comfy bedroom stuff that isn’t too frou-frou…

for a big, hairy, handsome man to curl up on.

And the adorable tie-closed matching pillow shams came with it too!  It’s almost like new, and I paid
(drumroll please)



I love a good thrift store.  Amen.

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