Awesomely Naughty Recipes

These are my most awesomely naughty recipes!Maybe you’ve noticed that I’m into healthy recipes. And maybe you’ve also noticed that not EVERY recipe here on Gwen’s Nest is healthy.

Don't tell anybody how easy this's the most requested birthday cake here!  No baking required.

 No bake ice cream cake recipe


I have some really awesomely naughty recipes that I keep in my files. Wait…not THAT kind of naughty recipe. I’m talking recipes that call for things like white flour, sugar, and other stuff that is a very rare occurrence in this house. Although eating healthy is a priority for me, I admit that I’m not 100% perfect with eating healthy all the time. And if you’re going to be naughty, it might as well be epic, right?!??

Another reason I keep these recipes around is that I really want my kids to be able to make the foods that they remember from their childhood. I’ve heard too many family members lament that one recipe that their Mom threw away or lost. Food is memories. So I keep and share even the naughty, special occasion recipes.

fruit-pizza-recipe (2)

Fruit Pizza Recipe

Now, most of my recipes…even the naughty one, reflect my love for from scratch cooking and baking. Although I do have the occasional processed food ingredient thrown in for good measure. Because: naughty. And because: easy.

And also because it’s almost a law down here that you have to use cardboard tasting Nilla Wafers in banana pudding. So I really can’t break that hallowed southern law, now can I? But have no fear. That’s real homemade custard and real whipped cream on top. This recipe goes with us every year to a covered dish dinner celebrating the opening of dove season.

Amazing from scratch banana pudding recipe- southern girl approved, and my most requested recipe for potlucks!

southern girl from scratch banana pudding recipe

But don’t worry. All of the naughty recipes are well labeled with the new Naughty stamp, so you won’t confuse them with my awesome sugar free recipes.

Since we’re in the deep south, snow falling calls for a celebration. That’s when I break out this hot cocoa recipe and my overnight waffles as a treat. Not so much low glycemic, but it’s part of the way we celebrate as a family.

Hot chocolate mix is not something I take lightly. This decadent recipe is beyond good. It's triple chocolate decadence in an easy pre-made mix!

Most Awesome Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe Ever-this is SO decadent and epicly naughty.

From time to time, I’ll do a Naughty & Nice post highlighting a healthy and non-healthy recipe…like this Naughty & Nice Soda Pop review.

Will y’all forgive me for being naughty every once in a while? Because if so, I have more really amazing naughty recipes to post. And of course lots and lots of healthy ones too!


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