Baby Bunny Nest

I discovered these photos the other day and thought you guys might enjoy this.  A couple of years ago, my brother called us, and said “Come over…I want to show you what I found while doing yard work!”He’s just up the road in another neighborhood, so we all piled into the van and headed down to his house.  You can see a lattice fence in the picture above…that sits just about 10 feet from his back door, and they have some wild roses climbing over it.  He had been out working in the yard, and when he trimmed around the trellis, he noticed a little patch of dried grass that had some fur in it.

So he bent down to see what it was…

and he found…

four baby bunnies!!!

Isn’t this amazing!

We covered them back up.  My sister in law watched over the next few days, and saw the Mama bunny come back and lie low over this spot to let the babies nurse.  I’m so shocked that the mother places the nest in such a ‘plain view’ spot, but it’s so well camouflaged, and the babies lie so still and quiet that they probably go unnoticed a majority of the time.

Aren’t they cute!!!

P.S. After reading more about baby rabbits, we learned it’s best not to disturb a baby bunny nest at all.  Don’t try to pick them up…they can escape when startled, which puts them at risk to predators.  Just leave them where you found them, and the Mother will return twice a day to care for them. 

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