Beef Stroganoff Recipe

trim-healthy-tuesdays-banneStacy, over at Stacy Makes Cents is sharing her Parmesan Squash Noodles recipe today, so be sure to check that out too!

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Trim Healthy Tuesdays

From Stevia Hater to Stevia Lover

Trim Healthy Tuesdays

Pizza Dip Recipe-S

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how to lose weightawww…shucks, y’all! <blush>

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  1. Melissa Ford says

    This is fantastic. My family loved it! My husband said this goes into the ‘make again’ recipe book. My mom was still talking about it before dinner tonight! :)

  2. Rebecc says

    When you say “add sour cream” in the recipe, you mean yogurt subbing for sour cream, right? Will be trying this….have never subbed yogurt for sour cream but I’m sure it’s just as good.

    • Its_Gwen says

      Yes…thank you! The 0% Greek yogurt tastes almost *exactly* like Sour Cream to me. It’s really a fantastic sub.

      • Jeanetta Andrews says

        Can you use sour cream instead? Are the calories and nut. Info just as good, or is yogurt more superior to use? Thanks!

        • Its_Gwen says

          Since I use this one with brown rice, I use a fat free Greek Yogurt, but you could also use ff sour cream. I believe Greek yogurt has more protein, but with the meat that wouldn’t really be critical. :)

      • janette says

        I have always boiled my ground beef, instead of frying it. Gets the grease out. Just strain it & dump it back into your pan. The meat will be a light brown so you’ll know it’s done. Hint: Put on a “rubber” glove & squish it in warm water to mix it easily & then your hand stays clean, & it’s super easy.

      • Its_Gwen says

        Hi Cheryl, I’m sorry you’re confused. A Tablespoon of butter would not be a problem in a meal that has many servings…you’d just want around a teaspoon of fat max per serving to stay in E territory for your meal.

    • says

      I’d add a shake of worchestershire for flavor, and some finely diced mushrooms if you’ve got em. And a couple shakes of onion powder. You just want a flavor boost. :)

    • says

      I used very lean grassfed beef, which can be used in an E or FP setting because it’s so low in fat. If you want to use regular ground beef, you can brown it and rinse it in warm water (and drain the grease from the pan) and then continue with the recipe as written. :)

  3. Kelly says


    The recipe looks great! If I wanted to make this a ‘S’ meal, what brands/kinds of noodles should I use? Thank you – looks lovely!

    • says

      Corn starch works really well as a thickener, but it’s pure starch, so it will bump up your carbs a bit. Gluccie won’t. I’d probably opt to use sprouted flour if you have that on hand as a thickener.

  4. Carmen says

    This looks really good! Would you need to rinse the ground beef to remove excess fat to make it an E? Also, where would you find a mushroom cube and/or what could you use in replace of? TIA!

    • says

      Hi Carmen! The printable recipe gives full instructions and links to the mushroom cube recipe. That one comes together really quickly, and I’ve whipped up a new batch in the skillet before starting the stroganoff if I was out of mushroom cubes. :) It makes enough to where you have lots to freeze and use later. It’s the most convenient way I’ve found to get the full flavor of mushroom soup without the icky can ingredients. :)

  5. Donna Crase says

    This looks yummy. Thank you for posting this. My question is this, and please be mindful of my ignorance as I am fairly new to the THM way. Why is this an E and not and S? I was thinking that the fat in the burger would make it too high to be an E.

    • says

      E (energizing) meals are fueled by healthy carb sources. With the brown rice, this would definitely fall into E territory. You’re right to be thinking of fat content, but since the recipes suggests rinsing the beef once it’s cooked, that brings the fat into range. Hope that helps!

  6. Cheryl says

    Is there anything that could be subbed for the mushroom cube? We have a mushroom-free house (the hubs can’t have them) but I would love to try this recipe! I am having such a hard time with E meals.

    • says

      Just omit if you don’t care for mushrooms…it’s just a flavoring option. :) You can add other herbs or diced or caramelized onions to add flavor if you want.

    • says

      Well, the rice adds the healthy carb component that takes it into E territory. If you added another source of healthy carbs, like a piece of fruit, then it could still stay an E with cauli-rice.

  7. Janna says

    Just made this for dinner tonight. Mine was bland. Since you didn’t say what steak seasoning you used, I thought perhaps I used the wrong brand. I bought Weber Chicago Steak seasoning–could this have resulted in the bland taste?

    • says

      Hi Janna,
      I used the McCormick Grill Mates seasoning. And I am a “season to taste” girl when I cook. :) So if it’s too bland, just add more to taste.


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