Blendtec Giveaway

WIN blendtecI’m SO pumped about this giveaway! I saved the best for last, y’all!

This week I’m giving away a prize that celebrates the Recipes category on Gwen’s Nest. Creating and enjoying recipes is a big love of mine, and such a major part of why I blog. I love food! And I *love* good kitchen gadgets and tools.

And this is an epic kitchen gadget…if you’d like to learn more about why I love it, check out my Blendtec 625 review.

This is the 5th and final week of my giveaway party I’m giving away a BIG wonderful prize! I’m so excited to offer a chance to win a Blendtec to my readers. I was able to blog for Blendtec a few months back, and in exchange received a Blendtec Designer 625 Blender. (affiliate link)


The Blendtec does make amazing smoothies, but it does SO much more than smoothies! Want to see this bad boy in action? I wrote a Blendtec 625 review and did a video for you here.

I’m collecting recipes for ice cream, soups, spice mixes, and more to make in my blender. Check out these awesome recipes that you can make using a high powered Blendtec Blender (hint: not all are sugar free but lots of them are)

 Follow Gwen’s Nest’s board Favorite Blendtec Blender Recipes on Pinterest. 

This is an incredible machine valued at $479. I SO wanted to bless one of my amazing readers with a blender too, so I developed three more recipes for Blendtec JUST so I could do this giveaway for you guys. They graciously agreed and are even allowing the winner their choice of one of the gorgeous designer colors combos below (or the classic black like I own).

Blendtec Colors Designer 625

I told Blendtec how awesome my readers are, and how much you guys would love the chance to win a giveaway. Please join me in sharing the heck out of this and let’s send Blendtec the message that we want more of these fun giveaways for all of you awesome GN readers! Some of the entries can be done daily to give you the more chances to win.

So let’s get to it! Hop on in and enter via the Rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Gwen’s Nest Giveaway Fine Print

  • This giveaway is open only to U.S. residents over the age of 18.
    (To my international readers: I love y’all, but there are complex legal hoops to jump through to offer giveaways in other countries that I’m not emotionally or mentally prepared to deal with. Y’all need to write your senators, delegates, or Parliament members or whoever, and tell them to make it easier on us bloggers to let you guys win cool stuff!)
  • This giveaway will open at midnight on Sunday, March 8th, and close at midnight on Sunday, March 15th.
  • I will randomly select one winner, using rafflecopter. I will verify the winning entry, and then contact them by the email that they provide in the comments. The winner will have 48 hours from the close of the giveaway to respond and claim the prize, or the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be randomly selected.
  • The prize will be shipped via Blendtec to a continental US address provided by the winner.
  • Please note: I do verify the winning entry, and if I cannot verify that entry they are voided and another random name is pulled.


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  1. Cherri Gullickson says

    Sea foam and white would go perfectly with my kitchen! Love the give away and the great site, always good source of info. Thanks Gwen!

  2. Leah says

    Would probably choose the slate gray/black. Our blender gets used a lot, would love to give this kind a try.

  3. JenZ says

    I would probably choose slate/black since it matches my kitchen best, although I really like the pomegranate as well!

  4. Jewel Mrs says

    Hello, It would seem I was in a movie if I could use the Blendtec colored Pomegranate/Black in my kitchen workroom. I would even wear a flour sack apron! lol What a fun give-a-way. Be blessed!

  5. Shannon Browning says

    I would choose white, but I would love any color! This is an awesome gift! Thanks for the chance!

  6. Kim Ringle says

    Wow! This is an incredible giveaway! It would be amazing to win! I would want a black one if I win!

  7. Amanda Plastow says

    I would love one of the seafoam and white Blendtecs! My blender is barely keeping up with all my Trim Healthy Mama recipes!

  8. Ellie says

    Would love the orchid color. Thanks for allowing me to enter. Love your THM bread recipe for sourdough. Only bread I eat anymore.

  9. Kim says

    I would LOVE to win this and I would definitely choose black! I’ve been doing THM for 15 months and could definitely use something more powerful than I currently have. I’ve killed 3 older blenders so far…LOL!

  10. Lisa says

    I’d love to win this blender! I’ve never used rafflecopter before, so I hope I did it right! What an awesome giveaway. :)

  11. Brandy says

    I need a new blender. I have a bad history with them, but have only owned cheaper ones. I’m afraid to buy an expensive one because I go through them so quickly, but there in may be the problem: cheap ones don’t last! The sea foam is close to my fav color!

  12. Cassandra says

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I love the trendy colors, but I’m a practical person, so I guess I’d have to go with slate gray/black. Thank you for the opportunity, Gwen. I seriously love your blog.

  13. MichelleD says

    Oooh!!! I would love to win! I recently broke the glass of my “old faithful blender” and I am anxious to get back to making smoothies and such! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  14. Nancy A. says

    Think I would choose platinum or black! Would love one of these!! Have wanted one for years, would help with the recipes so much!!!!

  15. Peggy Sayles says

    My blender died- smoke started coming out of it lol.., I would love to have a high quality blender, sea foam green please!

  16. Andrea Smith says

    I can’t decide! I love blue, so probably Sea Foam would be closest. I love the chartreuse and the pomegranate though!

  17. Cassie Finley says

    This is the most amazing give away!!! Too awesome and thoughtful!!! I’ve longed for a high end blender for years!!! :)

  18. Angela Wood says

    This would be great to win. Currently using a blender from my husband’s grandma. I think it is 25 years old.

  19. Barb Hicks says

    would be blessed & love any of the colors of a Blendtec! My smoothies would go to a whole new level

  20. Gina Hostetler says

    I love this giveaway, and your blog! I think I would go for the pomegranate, although they are all pretty!

  21. Rachel R. says

    I’d love this! Working on downsizing my kitchen to only the most efficient, truly needed appliances. This would be a welcome addition and I could get rid of several things!

  22. Jennifer Corder says

    If I win I would choose the Sea Foam/ white ..or the Chartreuse/White..tough call! Love your blog and recipes. <3

  23. Mary Faith Yoder says

    I would pick the pomegranate/black! Would love to win. A customer at my work was raving about these blenders just this morning!

  24. Lynnette says

    I would LOVE to win a Blendtec! My blender is on its last leg. I would pick the seafoam and white!

  25. Patty Harris says

    With as much as our family makes smoothies, soups, etc, I could really use this! Love the chartreuse!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Gayle Suess says

    I love your blog and I would so very much like to have this blender…I am doing THM and trying to cook healthier for our family of 8..this would be a great help! l’d love any color but prefer white!
    God Bless!

  27. Beka Marie says

    I would love the classic black one!
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog…a friend posted the link for this giveaway on Facebook, and I hadn’t heard of your blog before today. Yay for new blogs found!! :)

  28. Julie Belcher says

    Chartreuse/white. Thank you for all the time and effort you went through to make this possible.

  29. Terrie says

    What a great Giveaway! I choose Chartreuse–not because it matches anything I have in my kitchen but it would be fun for a pop of wild color!

  30. Carrie Yonce says

    I would LOVE to win this incredible blender!! What a gracious gift!!! My blended broke last week!!

  31. Denise Lester says

    I would get at Black one!!! I so appreciate you blog, I have gotten so many THM recipes that taste so good. Thanks!!!

  32. NGreene says

    If I win – and I would LOVE to win! – then I will choose seafoam/white! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  33. Deanna Carnley says

    I love THM and I love your blog Site! Thank you for all the great recipes and encouragement!

  34. Jenny says

    Thank you Gwen! What a great giveaway. I feel like I have worn out my blender, at least the sounds it makes tell me that :) I would love to win.

  35. kaslynn says

    I NEED a blender! My hubby broke my faithful magicbullet with a milkshake. :( Shakes are the only thing that keep my 3 boys and I full from breakfast through to lunch without a million snacks.

  36. Joetta Preece says

    I desperately need a Blendtec. (I have difficulty with digestion and having the Blendtec would increase my nutritional intake!) I would choose the Slate Gray/Black option. :) <3

  37. Susie linden says

    I would love & be honored if I won something like this.!!a fancyv,durable fun blender!!!n seaform/white would be awesome! Something I could never afford!& to be blessed to win would be sooo neat.thank you for allowing us ladies to get a chance to win something that we could all have so much fun with our trim healthly mamas recipes!!

  38. Susan Loo says

    I would choose the pomegranate and would enjoy getting healthier with the Blentec. Thank you for this opportunity!

  39. elizabeth s smith says

    I’d love to win this for my sister! She has done THM for a while, followed your blog for YEARS, and she would LOVEEEE this blender! We have a good one already, so I would love to bless her with a black one :)

  40. Lisa Bell says

    While any of the colors would be great, I really like the Chartreuse! That one would be so much fun!

  41. Jen Stallings says

    I love checking out your THM recipes and would LOVE to win a new Blender. Mine is 19 yrs old and has started leaking at the base. Thanks so much for all that you do!

  42. Juanita says

    Subscribed, the Blendtec looks amazing, and polar white would be my choice. Love your site, Gwen, and your sage advice and wonderful recipes!

  43. Ann Jenkins says

    I haven’t had a blender for several months and have never had a good one. Winning this would be wonderful!

  44. Michelle says

    I would love a new blender my 1972 Oster is not going to be making anymore Mint Chocolate milkshakes as I have finally worn it out….

  45. D Hicks says

    I enjoy your recipes and all your helpful advice. I would use the Blendtec for THM and to blend my handicapped daughter’s food. I would choose the pomegranate/black to match my kitchen.

  46. Joleen says

    This would be a huge blessing for me as I will be travelling a lot and have been stumped for a way to eat healthy when I am in other people’s homes. This would be a great idea to be able to bring my BlendTec and fresh fruits and veggies along and then just make my own smoothies and green drinks and also be able to help others try out a healthy lifestyle.

    I would choose slate gray/black

  47. Ailene says

    me,me,me! Love your blog, Gwen! Thank you for making THM so much more understandable for me! I greatly appreciate it! I don’t care what color, just having a blender that actually blends. :)

  48. Cheryl Newton says

    The practical side of me says “slate gray/black” but I really want to say “chartreuse/white.”

  49. says

    There’s so many neat colors from which to choose! I’m undecided but leaning toward seafoam or chartreuse. I’ve been loving THM for 8 months but have yet to have any of the shakes or FSFs because I don’t have a blender! I dint want to waste my time or money on a sub par blender so until I can afford a good one, or win one, I just wait

  50. Debbie Day says

    Lucky winner? I’d choose Pomegranate/Black! Ahhhhhhh, smoothies, soups, deserts, sauces, … I can practically taste them now.

  51. Robin says

    I’d choose the Pomegranate/Black Blendtec! I love that color combo, almost all of my kitchen small appliances are red and black.

  52. Ximena "Conchita" Berman says

    I would love to win a Blendtec for my tubie. I love all colors but classic black is perfectly fine.

  53. Jessica L. says

    I would choose black, or slate. They have great colors, but I don’t change things out very often so I’d need a color that was more timeless.

  54. kh lim says

    I would love a Black one just like yours. Love your recipes and would love to win one to recreate some of your lovely recipes! :)

  55. Donna Pieber says

    I would love to win this amazing Blendtec Mixer I would choose the Red/black. Thank you for considering and hopefully choosing my entry as your grateful winner.

  56. says

    oooh. Slate grey (because I’m boring and non-committal) or maybe seafoam… I’ll have to stare jealously until I actually win and have to decide for real, lol!

  57. Chrissy Taylor says

    I really enjoy your Facebook page, as well as your blog; and often use your sites first when researching things! I appreciate the time you take to share with others! If I win the blender, I would choose the slate/black option.

  58. Sara says

    I would love the seafoam/white. After unsuccessfully trying to puree sweet potatoes with my current blender last night, my husband and I were both saying that I really need a new blender. This would be amazing! Thanks!

  59. Nicole Hale says

    Ooohhh – I have been looking at the Blendtec every time I go to Costco!!! I would absolutely LOVE the Pomegranate/black combo – I’m a sucker for anything red!!!

  60. Linda Phillips says

    Black.. white.. no chartreuse… because it would be super cool to say, “And over here is where I keep my chartreuse Blendtec.” :) Awesome giveaway!!

  61. Patricia Warren says

    This is a great giveaway and just in time. I’m shopping for a blender. I’ve been looking at Blendtec. I’m glad to see good reviews. Hope Rafflecopter decides my way! 😉

  62. Zoie Prince says

    What a great giveaway! I would choose the sea foam/white option. It reminds me of the beach, which is where I long to be right now after all this cold weather!

  63. Tami Schneider says

    How exciting to have a chance at winning this BlendTec! I would choose Slate Gray / Black and be so grateful for the gift each time I was trying out yet another one of your “nummy-licious” recipes. Thank you for using your gift of creativity and sharing your recipes / ideas with us, Gwen!

  64. Rebecca anderson says

    Thanks so much for the great giveaway! I would love a Blendtec in Polar White, for my husband – he’s been wanted to try smoothies! Looking forward to trying some of your yummy-sounding recipes! :-)

  65. Erinn Randall says

    What a great giveaway! This is pretty boring but I’d choose the slate grey… but the sea foam is so bright and cheery! I would love to own a blendtec, our blender now is in a sad sad state! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  66. Johanna Shea says

    Thank you so much for this great giveaway! I would love the Sea Foam / White. All the colors are beautiful!

  67. Marsha A says

    Yay! Thanks so much! The colors are a toss up between seafoam (so retro looking, I love it!) and pomegranate.

  68. Trisha Delaney says

    So glad Blendtec posted about your giveaway, which in turn introduced me to your site! I love food bloggers!

  69. says

    Love the Slate Gray color for our kitchen; enjoy your Blendtec, Gwen, and keep sharing these fabulous recipes! I love your blog for THM inspiration and help especially for newbies and those of us keepin’ on!

  70. Mandy says

    I would so appreciate the black one. I have a ninja tthat my sweet husband bought for me a couple of years ago, and being a THM has worn it out! 😉 Thank you, Gwen!

  71. Leah Jardin says

    I would pick the pomegranate/black one! Thanks for giving us this opportunity, would love to win a nice blender!!

  72. Amy Dale says

    I have been saving for a Blendtec for some time now. Hope to purchase one when they have their crazy, good sales on Black Friday weekend. I am going to get a black one. Winning one would be super sweet though!

  73. Gretchen Gear says

    Hi Gwen! I just found your site through THM after buying their eBook last week. Your recipes look like fun, but I do not own a blender. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your drawing and subscribe to your newsletter!

  74. Robin Reneau says

    I would totally love the Sea Foam and White one! I have a blender now, that is not BlendTec that I bought when I started THM> it’s already needing a new blade. I started THM in August of 2014! I also work at a coffee shop that has a BlendTec blender and I love it! I hope I win!!!

    • Robin Reneau says

      I also subscribed today to Gwen’s Nest. Thanks for all the exciting recipes and helpful messages. I enjoy them so much!

  75. Tracey says

    I’d love the Orchid/Black Blendtec! I’m praying for a win!! I’ve been waiting and wishing for a Blendtec or Vitamix for 2 years. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win one!

  76. Wendy Hoffman says

    I have a Ninja that I really like but I have heard alot about the Blendtec and love the Will it Blend videos! I would choose the red.

  77. says

    I sure wish I’d seen the giveaways from the past weeks. I’ve been to your site several times, but, unhappily, mostly to pages I’ve bookmarked.

  78. Melissa says

    I will choose the sea foam. My best friend bought me blue and teal dishes for Christmas. I have a red kitchenaid so the blue blender will be perfect.

  79. Linda Lauritzen says

    I think I would love the Chartreuse and White … I’m beginning to really like bright colors around me! I have been making all my smoothies with a bullet … not too big or powerful.

  80. Misty B says

    Considering my blender just gave out on me, this would be awesome to win! I’m a boring kind of person and must admit I’d choose black over those other nifty colors.

  81. donna says

    This is so awesome! I would very much enjoy having a Blendtec sitting on my counter for everyday use. I think that sea foam color is gorgeous! Thanks

  82. Lori says

    Since I would probably never buy one of these, but would love to own one, I am here to enlist in the drawing. :) Color? Black. I don’t want something that lasts forever to look too disgusting on my counter in 15 years!

  83. Nikki says

    Can’t decide on the color. I love the sea foam/white, but the practical side of me says slate grey/black and out kitchen has red accents…

  84. Norma Orum says

    We’re trying to eat the right way. Know this is what we need to succeed. Thanks. We would love to win!

  85. Serena says

    Thanks so much for the give aways! I also love your recipes and the quick start guide for thm! Any color would be awesome!

  86. Kimberley Garcia says

    I love the sea foam but white is universal, I love Pom, and green too. Okay, …sea foam it is

  87. Molly says

    Hi Gwen, Thank You for all the time you put into helping us learn more about THM. And thanks for the recipes too! If I win I’d love the pomegranate/black color. I can’t wait to try your bread recipe next!

  88. tara says

    Hi Gwen. Just wanted to say I love your bread recipe. And I would choose the light blue blender if I had the chance. Thanks!

  89. says

    Hello! I would absolutely love to win this super blender. I am new to THM and the orchard/black blender would be a great way to celebrate my future body.



  90. Avery Work says

    Loving the website, Gwen. A lot of hard work – and it’s paying off!!! Oh yeah… I would **love** this blender (in seafoam!) My Ninja Ultima is only a year and a half old but won’t last much longer the way I put ’em to work!!! I know a BlendTec could handle it! 😀

  91. Sandy Register says

    Subscribed! Two granddaughters are getting married this year. I would love to bless one of them with this blender.

  92. Kerry says

    I would just die to win this! I have wanted a Blendtec for over 4 years now and sadly it just isn’t in the budget. i would choose black or white but i would gladly take any color!!

  93. Dorcas Martin says

    My house flooded in 2011. Did my new kitchen in 50’s vintage so I would definitely pick the deadpan color:)

  94. Darlene says

    I love all the THM info and recipes! I hope I win that Blendtec for my 12 year-old grandson who is stydying to be a chef. He can make some food for me when I am old!

  95. Darlene says

    I would love to win this blender for my 11 year-old grandson who is studying to be a chef. He can make amazing food for me now and when I am old. I would choose the pomegranate color for him.

    • Darlene says

      Gwen, sorry about the double post. I made a typo and then forgot to post a color. On top of that, I put the wrong thing for my Pinterest account! I’m so sorry. I have never given my Pinterest a count name. Anyway, my Pinterest is hsgram. Thanks for all your great info, recipes, and a chance to win this blender for my grandson!

  96. Erica Ricky Kennedy says

    I would love to win the white one! I have a Ninja, but the Blendtec would be the Cadillac. I could give my Ninja to one of my daughters.

  97. Sandi Paslaski says

    I am so excited at the chance to win this, thank you for doing this, I would be happy with any color but I will say black :)
    Love me some smoothies especially in the summer! Thank You

  98. Pamela Heard says

    Would so love to have a Blendtec! I’m thinking that lime green would look so neat on my counter!!!! Thanks for giving me a chance……

  99. Pamela Kinney says

    I would love to win the Blendtec in Chartreuse. Bright bold colors are exciting. Also, enjoy following your posts – lots of helpful information, your website is always open in my tabs!

  100. Colleen Leary says

    What a healthy helper for my kitchen! I’d like the Chartreuse/white blender please. Thank you for this encouraging give away!

  101. says

    I’d love a blendtech!! Any color!

    Gwen, I also inadvertently misentered my Pinterest name… I tried to go back and change it but it wouldn’t let me. My correct interest name is Jchyatt.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  102. Katie Smith says

    Thanks for the chance to win the Blendtec. I think I’d choose the Pomegranate/Black. Thanks for you do to share THM.
    THM Katie

  103. Mary says

    If I win I would choose pomegranate/black. Also, I love your recipes and I also share them with family & friends.

  104. Carol Bunch says

    If I win, I would choose the slate gray/black color combination. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fantastic prize!

  105. Carspyder says

    I love the different colors but I would probably go with black or white to match easily with different decor!

  106. Mary Fox says

    Wow, just now found out about this. did not know anything about the other giveaways but this gift sounds really nice. Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to win! Looking forward to reading your newsletters and blog

  107. Mary Courtney says

    Red and black would go well in my kitchen! I’m using one of those mustard yellow blenders from the 70s. No lie!

  108. Heather Leavitt says

    Am a newly married (as of September 6th) and newly pregnant, (due June 12th) THM! I could really use one of the pomegranate/black bendtec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. karen everly says

    Great givaway! As much as I like the seafoam/white combo, I’d have to go with white since it would go with my kitchen.

  110. Alison Worcester says

    I always enjoy visiting your site, Gwen :) You are very informative and humorous! It’s a joy to visit every time. I even read some of your posts to my family. Thanks and yes, I would love to win Blendtec!

  111. Jonni Failinger says

    The color I would choose for this FANTASTIC blender would be the promogranate/black. It would add just the right splash of color to my kitchen! Thank you for the chance to win!

  112. Marcy Mutter says

    I would love to win this especially now that my husband is doing THM with me! I would love a white or black one.

    • says

      Hi Linda,
      There is a Rafflecopter widget in the post that’s handling the giveaway entries. :) You may want to see if a pc or laptop will help it show up for you?

  113. bev says

    I would choose the seafoam one! Or any of the other retro colors! Thank you for offering this chance to win a free Blentec. I have wanted one for so long but as a retiree my budget is limited…..

  114. Karissa says

    What an awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!! Would love to get the sea foam/white or black either would look so great on my counter top.

  115. Phyllis says

    We are just nearing the completion of our kitchen remodel, so the slate/black would be perfect in our new kitchen. I LOVE kitchen gadgets . . . . . much to my hubby’s dismay. :) Thank you for the chance to enter this giveaway!

  116. bobbi dougherty says

    I would choose chartreuse/white. Love those colors and they would look great in the kitchen!!! Thanks for the chance!

  117. Kristi Centille says

    I would choose orchid/black if i won the BlendTec blender.
    On a side note: Gwen, you are my official mentor in THM! Thank you for all your resources. Your easy starter guide is how I easily got started last June. I appreciate you!

  118. Angela says

    Hello! i just entered your draw but live in Canada! I do have a postal box in the U.S. though that the prize could be shipped to. Am I still allowed the entry? I do hope that I can win this!!

  119. Lesa Williams says

    You’re awesome to do this I would pick Red or the seafoam any color – I would just be blessed to win
    I’ve blown to blenders since THM and researching and Blentec is on my radar
    You’re awesome and love following you especially for your THM

  120. Rachel Stahl says

    II think I would faint if I won I have never won anything in my life!!! My color would be red!! Blessings

  121. Tina says

    This would be a fabulous addition to my kitchen. I have never had a blender of such versatility before & would love the opportunity to try one for myself! Thanks for the chance to “win” one. :)

  122. Crystal says

    I love this blog and THM! If I won this awesome Blendtec I would choose the slate/black! How fun! Thank you for all you do!

  123. Peg B says

    This looks like a Cadillac blender! I would love the seafoam/white version. Thanks for sharing, Gwen. Love your smoothies!!

  124. Maellen says

    How fun! Thanks for offering this giveaway. I’m hoping to win a black one. :-) I’ll watch for your email! 😀

  125. Toni McLean says

    Just getting started with THM and would love to own a Blendtec! What a wonderful addition it would make to my kitchen! Seafoam/white is my choice of color.

  126. Susan says

    I need a new blender desperately for my morning smoothie, and this is perfect – just can’t afford it right now. Would love to win!

  127. susan yoder says

    I would love ANY color. Come on, you shouldn’t be picky about a gift. :) But since all counter worthy appliances (and this is FOR SURE counter worthy) are black and stainless I suppose I would pick the slate grey and black.

  128. Sandi Smith says

    I would love to have a BlendTec! I would choose pomegranate/black. I can almost taste that Snickers Smoothie!

  129. Laura says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would never be picky about a color. The blendtec folks could just send me whatever color they want.

  130. nadya magana says

    If I was the lucky one to win I would totally get the sea foam/ white color, it looks so pretty! Awesome giveaway!

  131. Tami Doak says

    I haven’t owned a really nice blender like this so I’d love to win it and try it out! What a fun thing to do for your readers:)

  132. Kelly says

    ACK!!! I can’t believe I’m just seeing this now! I am so excited about this giveaway! I would definitely pick the Pomegranate!

  133. KAYDAWN MCCOY says

    Thank you for a chance to win one of the seafoam Blendtec blenders! That would be awesome to have to make my salsas, smoothies and many other items!

  134. Debbie Shugart says

    Please enter me into your drawing. Our blender is about to blend its last and I am a student going back to school after 29 years. We could really use this one! I’m really enjoying your new blog! Thanks! Debbie

  135. Cheryl Owczarek says