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This little natural remedy and herb shop was borne of my desire to find more natural products for my family...and my love of Amazon's free shipping! You'll find my favorite shampoo, laundry soap, vitamins, bulk herbs, and remedies all right here.The supplies & bulk dried herb store is where I keep track of all of the clays, herbs, and other equipment I use when making my own salves, tinctures, and herbal products. Amazon has a great selection of organic and conventional herbs that I use to make a variety of personal care products, herbal remedies, spice blends, and more! See below for more ideas of how to use bulk herbs and my favorite recipe links.

Check the Tools and Salves, Oils, & Waxes category for other DIY ingredients and containers.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can also shop through my Amazon affiliate link here and take advantage of the (hundreds of millions of) items in their database. If you’d like to see an item or three added here to my remedy shop, please drop me a note here, and I’ll add it for you!

My Favorite Bulk Herb Store Recipes

elderberry-herbI’ve shared my simple elderberry recipes with a simple crock pot method for making your own elderberry syrup! I offer a basic recipe along with an enhanced immune boosting version.

This soothing postpartum herbal bath tea is a soothing and healing addition to your postpartum care.

This soothing postpartum herbal bath tea is a soothing and healing addition to your postpartum care.

Here’s a soothing postpartum herbal bath tea blend that I really loved after the birth of my last baby. I’ve helped friends mix this up as well to enhance their recovery from childbirth.

Ranch Spice Mix Recipe

This is the homemade ranch mix recipe you’ve been looking for! This bulk mix for ranch dressing is so delicious that I use it like a house seasoning blend. And it makes a lot of different types of delicious dips and sauces.

Do you enjoy making your own products from bulk herbs as much as I do? I love to make things for family and friends, as well as to give as gifts. In fact, my Greek spice blend and my Ranch dressing mix have both been requested as gifts from my friends and family.

gwens nest greek dressing recipe