Healthy Rocket Popsicle Recipe

This healthy popsicle recipe is a health remodel of my favorite bomb pops as a kid. Enjoy! They're sugar free, and FULL of flavor!

This healthy popsicle recipe is based on the Bomb Pops that I loved as a kid. They are sugar free, low fat, FULL of flavor, and super healthy! When we heard the ice cream truck in my Grandparents neighborhood, we’d all come running. My sister liked the kind with the bubblegum ball in the bottom….

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Easiest Ever Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

EASIEST ever spaghetti sauce recipe- just use these three ingredients and shake it in a jar!

This is my go to spaghetti sauce recipe in case we run out of the brand I like. I admit that I’m not a sauce snob by any means, but I do love a great convenience recipe that’s ready in a flash. This fits the bill! If you have visions of seeding fresh, plump sun-ripened…

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Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Bars- Sugar Free & Low Carb!

A chocolate cherry ice cream bar that's AMAZING, sugar free, low carb, & THM friendly. SO GOOD!

These chocolate cherry ice cream bars are my current summer obsession. And they’re low carb and sugar free! My love of chocolate covered cherry ice cream is nothing new. Baskin Robbin’s Cherries Jubilee ice cream has been my favorite since childhood. And whenever I got to pick an ice cream from the big freezer in…

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Beef Stroganoff Recipe

ground beef stroganoff recipe- this is one of my childhood favorites remade to be lower fat.

My Beef Stroganoff Recipe gets an lower fat (Trim Healthy Mama E style) makeover in this family favorite recipe.  This savory beef dish boasts a flavorful, creamy gravy- it’s the perfect compliment to pasta or rice; and it’s also super quick and easy to make! (This is a reblog of an older recipe from my…

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My Favorite Egg Recipe: Egg in a Nest

My favorite egg recipe is egg in a nest: I've given it a healthy lower carb makeover with sprouted bread. This is a THM S Helper recipe! But mostly it's easy and it ROCKS!

This egg recipe is such a treat! Egg in a nest is a recipe that I discovered years ago as a young bride, and my man and I both fell in love with the crunchy, buttery bread with the just right dippy egg nestled inside. But Egg Recipe THM Notes If you’re a Trim Healthy…

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Chilled Strawberry Soup Recipe

Strawberry soup is a fresh, chilled appetizer that's perfect for luncheons or tea parties. Get the recipe here!

Strawberry soup – I look forward to this delicious appetizer that’s served at our annual mother’s day luncheon ALL year. Wait, you’ve never heard of strawberry soup? It’s a little bit like melted strawberry ice cream, but not so cloyingly sweet…it’s the perfect blend of fresh strawberries pureed into a creamy and perfectly tart chilled dessert…

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Mother’s Day Menu- THM, GF, and Sugar Free

A Mothers Day Menu that's sugar free, THM, and gluten free!

The Mothers Day Menu at our Luncheon is one of the highlights of my year. My sweet Mama hosts a luncheon for all of us girls, and plans a lovely make-ahead menu that the guys and children serve us. It’s such a special time! Since most of us do THM, and my sister in law…

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