Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe – GF & SF

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My regular Christmas sugar cookie recipe is totally out of this world good, and SO not on my diet. But we’ve been doing homemade sugar cookies, and sugar cookies frosting parties on Christmas Eve since my baby girl was born, 16 years ago. So we keep the tradition, and I *ahem* attempt to rely on my willpower…

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Convert Recipes to be Healthy

Converting recipes to be healthy can be frustrating, but it can also be a fun and rewarding are my top tips!

How do you convert recipes to be healthy if your family has decided to pursue a healthier lifestyle? I’ll share my top tips and tricks for converting family favorite recipes, as well as the easiest recipes to convert. I wrote an article for the Trim Healthy Mama Ezine about how to convert recipes to be THM…

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Favorite Natural Flavoring

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Natural flavoring or extracts are a staple in my kitchen. I love how they can transform a recipe into a whole different direction, or add an exciting boost to an otherwise boring meal. I asked my readers what their favorites natural flavoring brands and extracts are, and these are the great ideas that were shared: Our…

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Is Cinnamon Healthy?

healthier cinnamon

Is all cinnamon healthy? Well, yes and no. Look, I’m not here to smack your hands or check your cabinets. But when I discover something really cool that makes my food healthier and taste better, I want to tell you all about it!  We all know cinnamon is a kitchen spice cabinet staple, and we love…

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