Butter Chicken Recipe

butter chicken recipe (3 of 3)

This. Butter Chicken Recipe is my current obsession in recovering from the cheese laden heavy holiday party foods. I didn’t develop a taste for middle eastern food until I was in my 30’s, and I just can’t get enough. The dense, spicy gravy on this classic dish from India is so lovely, but not overstated….

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Almond Low Carb Hummus Recipe

AMAZING lick the bowl low carb hummus that works for Paleo or THM style eating. Plus a genius tip to make it a convenience food!

I first tasted this low carb hummus recipe while on a retreat with my friend Kim. We both brought healthy low glycemic goodies to a conference that we attended, but THIS is what stole the show. I know…it’s hummus. And it’s vegan, Paleo, and low carb, so it really barely sounds edible. But give it…

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Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

tzatziki recipe

So, you need a tzatziki sauce recipe to go with your Greek burger, which is already sizzling away to perfection on the grill.  I’ve got you covered! My version of traditional Tzatziki sauce is based on this recipe.  Which is supposedly the best, and most authentic recipe from a real Greek Grandma.  Sold! I’m just…

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Greek Spice Blend Recipe

greek spice mix recipe

Behold the Greek spice blend recipe of destiny. I know this is technically “cheat” blogging, since this is the first recipe I ever posted on my blog here, but the photographs were SO awful, that I went back and added some decent pictures. The Greek dressing recipe deserves decent pictures.  It is life-changing. If you’ve…

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