Most Awesome Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe Ever

hot cocoa mix recipe img (2)

This hot cocoa mix recipe is the most awesome cup of hot cocoa that I’ve ever had. It’s a blend of hot chocolate and hot cocoa mix recipes, with a little bit of real white chocolate thrown in to boot. That’s triple chocolate if anyone is counting. And quadruple if you count the special secret ingredient that makes…

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Sugar Cookie Frosting

best sugar cookie icing

This basic sugar cookie frosting recipe is what I use every year for our big sugar cookie decorating shebang.  It’s super simple to make, and it can be tinted into a rainbow of colors, thinned out and painted on, or even piped through at tip for outlining or details.  It’s somewhere between a buttercream frosting…

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Sugar Cookie Icing

royal icing recipe

My favorite sugar cookie icing makes gorgeous “professional” looking cookies that stack and travel well. This icing recipe was given to me by my friend Donnah, who makes incredibly beautiful sugar cookies. I got to go to a class at her home with friends a couple of years back, and we made these snowflake sugar…

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Easy Sugar Cookie Recipes

Christmas sugar cookies

I have two easy sugar cookie recipes should have been posted here long ago.  The first is an instant gratification, no-chill sugar cookie version. The other is a chilled dough that also makes perfect cut cookies, AND at room temperature is the perfect consistency to use in a cookie press. This time of year, I…

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Banana Pudding Recipe

banana-pudding-recipe (14)

Banana Pudding is one of the quintessential desserts in the Southeast.  It’s a requirement for potluck suppers, and summer holiday meals.  If you’ve never tried it, it should go on your dessert bucket list.  Unlike trifles, banana pudding is at home hot or cold, and ranks in the top comfort foods for most Southerners.  It…

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Ice Cream Cake Recipe

easy ice cream cake recipe

My oldest boy requested this ice cream cake recipe for his birthday dinner.  It is the same ice cream cake that I made for him last year. But that’s not surprising, since this is the same kid that wanted to be a firefighter every year for dress up day at school for four years in a…

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Fruit Pizza Recipe

fruit-pizza-recipe (2)

This fruit pizza recipe is one of my favorite summer desserts.  I made it last year for our family vacation at the beach.  We had a great time, made a lot of great memories and yummy food!  You just can’t beat fresh fruit, cream cheese frosting and a crisp shortbread crust.  Fruit pizza is very simple to put together, but…

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