The Rag Coat- a children’s book review

rag coat review gwens nest

Today, I’m going to share a favorite book with you. The Rag Coat by author Lauren Mills is a book that my children and I both thoroughly enjoyed. Like all great books, it opened up rich conversations that grew beyond the storyline of the book. Our morning conversations wove through botany, our national and family history, and…

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The Sanity Drawer- Toddler Homeschool Ideas

homeschooling with a toddler

Toddler homeschool ideas that will maintain your sanity- that’s the goal here. We’ve started into our second year of homeschooling this year, and one of the main “issues” (if you will) was to prevent a certain little someone from peeling the drywall off the walls silently while we were studying spelling. The solution that I…

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