Gwen’s Nest Giveaway Week 4


This week’s giveaway will highlight the Reflections category. It’s where I just share things from my life and family. So I thought I’d make the giveaway a bit more personal too, and send the winner a little care package of my favorite things. I’m praying that this goes to someone who really can use a…

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My Baby is 5- the Viking Chronicles


Y’all, this is more of a milestone for me than turning 40. My baby is 5 years old. I don’t think my heart can stand it. When I first started blogging, he looked like this. And then this happened, and next thing you know we were here. And he was watching Downton Abbey with me…

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On Turning 40

Looking back over 40 years

Forty just sounds like such a milestone. Somewhat like 30, except that you’re a decade closer to 50. Since I just celebrated 41st birthday,  I thought I would write about what 40 is like now that I’m a veteran and all. For each decade milestone, I realize that my definition of “old” continues to be pushed back further…

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How Our Family Quilt was Made

rag coat quilt (4)

The morning I read the Rag Coat to my kids, we all piled onto the couch right after breakfast. I let them stay in their jammies, and we spread this old colorful quilt over our laps. After the story was over, and I recomposed myself…the Rag Coat requires tissues(that’s my Amazonaffiliate link), and I told my kids…

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Gwen’s Nest Relaunch Party!

Launch Party

This is the make-over that I’ve been working so hard on…I hope you love it! To celebrate my return to the world of blogging, I’ve set up a fun little relaunch par-tay with FIVE weeks of super fun giveaways. Just for you guys…my faithful readers! I love ‘ya! Your comments and interaction both here and…

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More Than Writers Block


I’ve been playing hooky from my blog. All. Summer. Long. I’d love to say that I had writer’s block. But that’s not true. I’ve actually been writing, and have started several posts. The truth is, I was emotionally and glandularly worn out. My adrenals were not coping well with everyday life. Which is a mix…

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