Herbal Salve Recipes

Easy salve recipes- learn how to make herb infused oil and turn it into this gorgeous salve- like neosporin only more natural!

Salve recipes were the second thing I learned to make when getting into herbal remedies. The first thing I learned to make was herb infused oil-and salve is just one simple step beyond that. Today I will walk you through my technique for making an infused oil and turning it into a simple salve. At…

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Natural Sunburn Remedies

Natural sunburn remedies that you may already have on hand for instant relief when you get too much sun

The best natural sunburn remedies help soothe the pain and redness, are common items that you may already have on hand, and are easy to make and apply. I also love natural products that really support our skin health if we’ve gotten too much sun. So here’s my go to, best of sunburn relief tips and tricks….

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DIY Sunscreen: Myth Busted!

DIY Sunscreen: Myth Busted! What you need to know before trusting a homemade sunscreen recipe.

DIY sunscreen recipes are being shared all over Pinterest these days, but as a majorly pale Mama with four pale kiddos, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t taking any chances with our skin or our long term health. Which is really a tough subject, because ALL of the sunscreen options in our local…

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