Diffuser Review and Winter Pines Essential Oil Recipe

The Plant Therapy Aromafuse diffuser is awesome! I review it, and share my favorite aromatherapy recipe: piney woods blend.

Allow me to introduce the AromaFuse. I thought I’d share a diffuser review this week, since we’ve been enjoying this beautiful diffuser, made by Plant Therapy. I want to give you some tips, show you the features, and share my very favorite holiday or winter essential oil recipe that you can use in your own…

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Tulsi Lavender Tea

tulsi lavender tea (9 of 12)

Tulsi lavender tea is my very, very favorite relaxation tea. In the whole wide world. This past year, and specifically the past 3 months have been THE most stressful that I think I’ve ever had. I’ve been healing from adrenal fatigue with the help of my holistic doctor, and thankfully have been so pleasantly surprised at…

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Essential Oil Safety as Flavorings

essential oil brands and safety (2 of 9)

Essential oil safety is a SUPER hot topic right now, so I thought I’d share my thoughts and research on where I’m at with the topic of using essential oils as flavorings. You may notice that I talk about this in a few of my recipes, like Lemon Yogurt, Peppermint Milkshakes, and more. I use the NOW…

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