Tulsi Lavender Tea

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Tulsi lavender tea is my very, very favorite relaxation tea. In the whole wide world. This past year, and specifically the past 3 months have been THE most stressful that I think I’ve ever had. I’ve been healing from adrenal fatigue with the help of my holistic doctor, and thankfully have been so pleasantly surprised at…

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Using Rabbit Tobacco- Sinus Congestion Remedy

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We’ve been talking about Rabbit Tobacco- my favorite folk herb for sinus congestion remedies. If you’re just tuning in, be sure to check out Part 1 so I can properly introduced you to this herb and its history of use. In Part 2, you’ll see the distribution map, and learn about harvesting, look alikes, what to watch…

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Need Help Sleeping? Try This Remedy

Trouble sleeping? This app makes a HUGE difference for me!

Need help sleeping? This free remedy might surprise you…it’s a digital download. But I *promise* you that it made a big difference in my ability to fall asleep quickly at night. You may have seen the articles that people who use phones or devices at night don’t sleep as well. That may be partially due…

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My DIY Magnesium Supplement: New & Improved

DIY magnesium supplement recipe

I’m excited to share my DIY Magnesium Supplement, and this is the new and improved version that I’ve been using! What makes it improved?  Well, for one thing, you can use just plain carbonated water, which is pretty easy to find.  No trying to figure out if this or that soda water has the right…

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Magnesium Supplements: a Great DIY Recipe


So, we’ve covered magnesium deficiency in my previous post, AND I promised to tell you about a DIY magnesium supplement, that is very bio-available (the body absorbs it easily and quickly).  Many of the tablet forms of magnesium that you’ll find in multivitamins and supplements don’t really get absorbed very effectively…especially if the supplement has…

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Magnesium: the calming essential mineral


My eye twitches. From time to time, I’ll go through phases where I’m irritable, tired, and things get on my nerves. And my right eyelid will start to twitch when something annoying happens. And this can go on for days, weeks, or months, and then it goes away. Weird, huh? I mean, it’s kinda convenient…

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