Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe – GF & SF

christmas cookie recipe (15 of 15)

My regular Christmas sugar cookie recipe is totally out of this world good, and SO not on my diet. But we’ve been doing homemade sugar cookies, and sugar cookies frosting parties on Christmas Eve since my baby girl was born, 16 years ago. So we keep the tradition, and I *ahem* attempt to rely on my willpower…

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Low Carb Streusel Recipe

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Know what your low carb muffin needs? Streusel. This yummy, sugar free, low carb streusel is so simple, and really elevates any low carb baked good from “this is good” to “this must be a special occasion!” And did I mention simple? It only uses 3 ingredients. You’ll need: butter, protein powder, and a low carb sweetener…

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Awesome Ranch Dressing Recipe

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This awesome ranch dressing recipe is one of my very favorite dressings AND dry spice blends. You know how you’ll make a recipe and like it but then either you get tired of it, or forget about it for years? This isn’t one of those recipes. Once I tweaked this recipe to our liking, it’s…

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Raspberry Lemon Sugar Free Syrup Recipe

SO GOOD!!! I LOVE lemon and raspberry together! This sugar free berry syrup recipe is bursting with the flavors of raspberry and lemon- a Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Pull!

I’m a sucker for fresh Raspberries, and for pretty much anything lemon. So I don’t know why it took me so long to pair the two in this amazing sugar free syrup. It’s got just the right amounts of tart and sweet notes to make your breakfast sing! This is just a quick adaption from…

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Easiest Ever Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

EASIEST ever spaghetti sauce recipe- just use these three ingredients and shake it in a jar!

This is my go to spaghetti sauce recipe in case we run out of the brand I like. I admit that I’m not a sauce snob by any means, but I do love a great convenience recipe that’s ready in a flash. This fits the bill! If you have visions of seeding fresh, plump sun-ripened…

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French Dressing Recipe Sugar Free

a french dressing recipe that's sugar free, delicious, and made with simple ingredients

The French dressing recipe that I posted a few weeks ago is so yummy, but it’s sweetened with honey. Since French is my very, very favorite salad dressing, I had to come up with a sugar free version and this is IT! It’s zesty, and full of flavor, but you probably already have all of…

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Is Cinnamon Healthy?

healthier cinnamon

Is all cinnamon healthy? Well, yes and no. Look, I’m not here to smack your hands or check your cabinets. But when I discover something really cool that makes my food healthier and taste better, I want to tell you all about it!  We all know cinnamon is a kitchen spice cabinet staple, and we love…

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Sugar Free Brown Sugar Recipe

this sugar free brown sugar recipe is an awesome low carb alternative for all of your baking needs!

A sugar-free brown sugar recipe is not something you really ever think about until you are working on going low carb.  And the holidays hit.  And then it ranks right up there as a ‘need’ next to toilet paper and oxygen. “Wait…they MAKE that already,” you might say.  “There is a very tasty product called…

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