Perfect Roast Turkey Breast Recipe

roast turkey breast recipe (13 of 21)

A perfect roast turkey breast recipe is no small feat. With my smaller family of white meat likers, I really like the option of getting a turkey breast, and usually buy several for the freezer when they’re on sale during the holidays. But the drawback of a breast is that the meat is so lean…

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Crock Pot Chicken Recipes- Lemon Garlic Chicken

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Lemon Garlic Chicken is my latest crock pot chicken recipes discovery- and it’s amazingly flavorful and SO simple! We enjoyed this with roasted veggies, but you could just as easily pair it with fried rice for an Asian spin. I just love it when a recipe is *that* versatile, because it’s always great when leftovers…

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Easiest Ever Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

EASIEST ever spaghetti sauce recipe- just use these three ingredients and shake it in a jar!

This is my go to spaghetti sauce recipe in case we run out of the brand I like. I admit that I’m not a sauce snob by any means, but I do love a great convenience recipe that’s ready in a flash. This fits the bill! If you have visions of seeding fresh, plump sun-ripened…

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Taco Salad 3 Ways


Today is Taco Salad day here at Gwen’s Nest, on this fine Trim Healthy Tuesday.  I’ve been asked to blog about how I like to eat my taco salad, and my answer is–ANY way you make it! I love tacos and Mexi-fare so much that it pretty much has its own day on my weekly…

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Lime Chicken Soft Taco Recipe


This Lime Chicken Soft Taco recipe is really a staple menu item for the summer.  I found the recipe years ago on, and it was an immediate hit with the whole family. It’s a fantastic Fuel Pull meal starter that is super quick to pull together. And it can easily be converted to all Five ways…

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Garlic Chicken Recipe

garlic chicken is totally easy, fast, and so savory delicious. This is one of our family favorite recipes.

Of all the garlic chicken recipes out there, this is my favorite. But you should know three things. First, I confess that I have never, ever have used anywhere close to 40 cloves in this dish, and it always turns out fantastic. Second, this is awesome…if you have never tasted roasted garlic, then you’re majorly missing…

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White Gazpacho Recipe

cold cucumber soup recipe

It is so stinkin’ hot here.  This White Gazpacho recipe is the only thing that sounded edible for lunch, so I whipped up a batch, and basked in the creamy, chilled cucumber goodness.  I am not usually a fan of cold soups…tomato based gazpacho soups somehow feel like eating blended salsa to me.  Without the…

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