Cate’s Spring Fashion Tips

Cates Spring Fashion Tips imgCate’s fashion tips are the stuff of legends around here. As spring quickly approaches, I thought I’d share some fashion tips and some throwback photos from my youngest girl. Cate has been my fashion girl from early on. Her eye for fashion is so inspiring and definitely on the humorous side. Her taste ranges from eclectic…

cate fashion (1)

(note mix & match shoes)

to bohocate fashion (2)

to high fashion.

cate fashion (3)

(complete with pensive look)

Cate’s Top Fashion Tips for this Spring

-Always wear a sweater. The Librarian look is IN!
-Fancy shoes work with any outfit, at any time, and all the more so if they have glitter on them. Or fur.
-Wear only one sock with your fancy shoes for a casual, avante-guarde look. If you’re low on socks, try this.
-Invest in a tutu. They go with anything.
-If you’re cold, it’s totally OK to wear your footie pajamas underneath your sundress. Or your sweatpants. As long as you wear glittery shoes.

And speaking of shoes: you can NEVER have enough shoes.

cate fashion (4)

Go forth and be fashionable!


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  1. Sally Simon says

    Cate will never grow old in her fashion wear!!! But she gets her sense of style honestly! I love these pictures and especially the post with lace gloves worn as stockings!