Closet Organizing: Tank Tops

closet organizing: tame your tank tops with this quick tip!

Closet organizing becomes a necessity in my small home when it’s clothing swap time. Today I spent a few minutes on my tank top collection. I keep it out all year round, because they make such great layering pieces, but it’s hard to keep them all folded neatly and to see what I’ve got in that stack. This tip works whether you’re working out of a drawer, like I am, or if you’re in a closet space with baskets. I’ll show you how to do it both ways.

First, let me show you the trick to being able to see ALL of your gorgeous tanks in one glance. The roll:

I took each tank top, and folded over the top like this:

closet organizing tank tops (6)

Then I folded it in half…closet organizing tank tops (5)

and rolled it up!closet organizing tank tops (4)

That took me from messy stacks like this, to an easy to manage system where I could see everything in my drawer:

closet organizing tank top before after

I like to let the lacey edges or ruffles show so I can see which tanks are embellished at first glance.

If you’re using a closet organizing system, then you can use the same idea, but set it up in a basket like this:

closet organizing ideas (1)

Can you believe how many tank tops I had in that drawer? WHO knew all that cuteness was hiding in the pile!

closet organizing ideas (3)

Clearly, I have a thing for purple tank tops.

You can find these adorable chalkboard tags here (Amazon affiliate link) or at craft stores in the wood cutouts department for very cheap. And look for chalk markers to make your writing more permanent.

closet organizing ideas (2)

Are you ready to try it? This just takes a few minutes, and is a great way to ease yourself in to drawer and closet organizing. What’s your worst area to tackle?

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  1. anne says

    Yes!!! I did this last year with my running clothes drawer! I got the idea from one of my daughters! And now,I don’t have to get rid of any running stuff because I have room for all of it!!! Wahoo!!!

  2. Toni says

    Love your article on magnesium. Will be sharing and using recipe and suggestions. Thank you SO MUCH!!!
    Also like your tank top ideas. Currently my tank tops are stacked in shoe divider hanging in closet. I can fit
    about 5 in each hole and access them readily. My long dresses and skirts were a problem in my closet due
    to my cats liking to hide there and getting fur all over them. They now hang on high hooks behind the
    bedroom entry door… out of sight… kinda. At least for the cats! No more hair on them!! YEA!