Country Garden Farms

This was the perfect afternoon…the kids and I went to Country Garden Farms, our local dairy farm/nursery/organic farm.  It’s such a fun and gorgeous place to hang out for a little while on a late summer afternoon.

Enjoy these glimpse of late summer with me…

On the way…

we spotted a family of Canadian Geese.

They were in a hurry, and we were not.  We gave them right of way and enjoyed watching them waddle across.

What shall we do first at the farm?  The nursery garden is so beautiful…

and tempts us with the sound of running water.

There are fish and tadpoles, even!

I am tempted by these Lacecap Hydrangeas.  My favorite.
Livestock is spotted on the other side of the parking lot.  We move to investigate further.

This is what a free range chicken looks like.

There was a shed full of baby chicks.  The nice man who was feeding them even let us hold one!

This little trio cracked me up.  Pony, goat, and bunny all live together in this little pen.  They’re buddies.  It’s like the Bremen Town Musicians, no?
Each one got plenty of grass and petting.

It’s time to be getting home…

but first we come say hello to the farm doggies that ‘guard’ the store.  Their job is to lay on the cool concrete floors in the summer, soak up the warmth of the overhead heaters in the winter, and wait for kids to pet them.  My kids love to oblige, and she rolls onto her back to soak in the love.

Then we pick up our milk and head home.

On the way home, we get another treat!

A group of classic cars is headed the same way we are.
This was the one of the most perfect afternoons in recent memory.

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