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I love natural products and handmade soaps, and today I want to introduce you to Fresh as a Daisy. This impressive line of well thought out natural products started out with a line of soaps. Daisy hand makes every batch of soap. She contacted me and offered to send me some products for me to review, and I loved them so much that I’ve since ordered even more from the Fresh as a Daisy Etsy store.

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Full disclosure: I’m not getting paid to share this…I’m doing it because I really love the products. :)

Fresh as a Daisy Natural Products

When my soap packages arrive from Fresh as a Daisy, I get giddy…the whole mailbox smells heavenly! Daisy’s soaps run the gamut from the simplest vegan or allergen friendly blends, to the more exotic scents and ingredients. (Silk strands anyone?)

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While her packaging is simple, her formulas are not…she layers scents, oils, butters, and herbs to create products that target specific skin and hair types. I get the feeling that Daisy is a fellow research nerd buff like myself, and it delights my heart to read the descriptions in her Etsy shop, and why she chooses the specific ingredients, oils, and herbs in her formulas.

I especially love the Rosehip & Meadowfoam Facial soap for dry skin. As I’ve gotten older, my skin tends to the dry side, and this soap is gentle and moisturizing…and it has a great lather. I bought the clarifying facial soap for my teens more challenging skin.

And this fun Camo soap is for my nephew’s birthday. Isn’t it cute!?  I mean manly…isn’t it impressively manly?

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Daisy also sent along some samples of other products with my last order. I’m impressed with her Sunny Citrus deodorant that doesn’t contain baking soda…a common irritant that most natural deodorants contain.fresh as a daisy review (3 of 4)
(this is just the little sample bar…the full size comes in a standard push up deodorant container)

Daisy’s obsession with soap making led to more and more experimentation with other natural products. Her store is FULL of fun things- salves, balms, lip balms, moisturizers, shampoo bars, and a personal favorite- a tulsi solid lotion bar that’s a fixture in my purse.

I’m also a VERY big fan of her Facial Moisturizer with Argan oil and Aloe. Unlike other natural moisturizers, this one isn’t oily…it’s the perfect creamy light texture that leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy. I love it as a first-thing-in-the-morning moisturizer.

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Daisy has been in business on Etsy for four years now, and has made nearly 10,000 sales. Many of whom are repeat customers like me who value her natural products, quality, and expertise.

Go give Fresh as a Daisy a look, and tell Daisy that Gwen says hello!

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  1. Irma says

    I totally agree with you Gwen, Daisy’s products are carefully made and are amazing for the skin. I’ve been a repeat customer for some time and my skin knows the difference. I’ve tried others offerings but none compare to her quality ingredients and she also has great variety. I recommend her products all the time and purchase them as gifts too. Do your skin a favor and give her products a try, soon you too will see and feel the difference.