DIY Magnetic Pin Cushion

Cute DIY magnetic pin cushion Gwen's NestThis DIY magenetic pin cushion is a cute and EASY craft that anyone can make in less than 5 minutes. Isn’t it so cute and retro looking!?!!

I like to sew, and I love really nice tools and sewing trinkets. My Mom and Mother in law are both wonderful about getting me great quality sewing tools. The magnetic  pin cushion was a favorite, and I had mine for years before my little Viking child became enamoured with it, and accidentally knocked it into the floor and cracked the case.

magnetic pin cushion



Instead of tossing it, I had an epiphany…what if I could make a Viking proof magnetic pin cushion that was even cuter than the generic purple plastic one? And so my idea was born.

But what would I use? I’d seen some lovelies made from china teacups and saucers…but I knew that would not fit the bill for Viking proof. Then my eyes landed upon this little metal soap dish, and a shaft of light shone down from heaven. Come to Mama!


It was SO easy to convert this soap dish into a magnetic pin cushion. This is how I did it:

  1.  I removed the foam backing from the soap dish to get to the innerds.
    DIY magnetic pin cushion img
  2. Loosen the nut or bolt or screw…whatever is holding your soap dish together. Mine had a hex head screw, so I got to get into my husband’s tools. Always more fun. :)
    magnetic pincushion diy
  3. Once the screw is undone, flip it over and pop off the top of the soap dish that your pins will sit on.
    magnetic pin cushion craft
  4. Insert heavy duty magnets (stolen from a busted magnetic pin cushion if you’ve got one).
  5. Put top back in place, and re-assemble. Retighten screw/nut/bolt…whatever. :)
    magnetic pin cushion img
  6. Load up you pins onto your awesome NEW magnetic pin cushion!

learn to make a magnetic pin cushion Gwen's Nest



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