Exercise with Mr. Darcy

Since the weather has gotten warmer, we’ve moved the Wed/Sat. bath night to Tues/Thurs/Sat (and whenever the kids are too stinky and or dirty to crawl in bed).

My smart man also wisely suggested that we fit in a family run/walk/woggle on those evenings, so we all get some good exercise in.


I do so much better, and feel safer, considering the wildlife around
here.  I love it when he helps me gather all of my messy daily ‘details’ into an actual plan…it is not my strong point.

So, this week, I planned easy and/or leftover meals for those nights, and I’m
trying to have it ready by the time he gets home.  After we get back from exercising, my girl and I finish up getting dinner on the table, while my man bathes the littles, and then we sit down to a light meal.  I’m thinking dinner salads, taco
salad, sub sandwiches, and things like Mexican re-fried bean layer dip.  We’ll see how this goes!

We started this past Tuesday, and I ran and walked 2+ miles!  He kept with me for 2/3 of a mile, encouraging me to keep ‘running’…even though my 3 year old was lapping me in her ‘slip-slops’.  He encourages me to push myself harder, and it worked!  It’s worth it to be a bit miserable out there if the time is spent with my favorite man.

Tonight, I was feeling pretty grateful for him.  I love to watch him run.
At one point, I ‘let’ him catch up to me (some call this ‘lapping’) and
jogged along side him for a minute.

Since I had been rather cheeky on the phone earlier, I was feeling a
little guilty, and said, “I’m sorry that I am sometimes feisty in inappropriate

He grinned over at me and with a rather winded voice, said “I luh, I luh, I
love you.”

There was nothing to be done but to pinch his cheek and tell
him to meet me behind the dumpster.

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