Fajita Recipe

Mmmm…can you hear the lime fajita recipe sizzling?
I crave good, savory food this time of year, and this is such a simple, quick dinner with loads of flavor.   It’s a nice change from sugar cookies and cheeseballs.   And it’s *fast*…as in ‘set the table before you start heating the pan’ fast.
And delicious.  It’s definitely man pleasin’ vittles.

This is what you’ll need to make this *easy* lime fajita recipe:

Fajita strips…or you can buy a flank steak or (my favorite) london broil…aka ‘top round’ steak, and slice it thin.
You’ll also need an onion or two, some oil with a high heat point (not olive oil), freshly diced or granulated garlic, a few limes, and some salt.
Just a few, simple ingredients that pack huge flavor.Oh, and I wasn’t kidding about setting the table first.  Go ahead and slice up the avocado and get it ready to go.  We’re on a mission.

First, turn the oven on low, and warm up a serving platter, and your tortillas.  I remove the tortillas from the package, and wrap them in foil, with a splash of water.

prep, prep, prep…

Now, to prep all of your ingredients.  If you’ve bought a whole steak, you want to slice your meat thinly.  Sometimes, I will freeze the meat for an hour or two to make it easier to slice.   A little under 1/4 inch slices do nicely.  You want it to cook quickly.

As you near the end of your prep work., you can start heating up a heavy skillet on high heat.  Slice 2-3 limes in half, and cut your onions into 1/4 inch slices…separate the onion slices out into rings.

Put all of your prepped ingredients, the warm serving platter, and your salt and garlic right at hand next to your skillet.  This comes together quickly!

Add a quick pour of oil to your pan, and keep it over a high flame.  You want the pan *HOT*.
When it’s smoking and shimmering nicely, carefully lay in onion slices to cover the bottom of the pan.  I like to use tongs for this.  As soon as you lay the onions down, start laying in the meat slices on top of them.

You want the meat laying over the onion slices, so it’s not really directly touching the pan yet…just steaming over the cooking onions.  Of course, parts of it will touch and sear, and that’s just fine.
Let it cook for a minute, and then add in fresh or granulated garlic.
Immediately begin flipping it over and tossing it around sort of like a stir fry.  You want to flip it over, and then let it rest just a minute to get some browning going.
It cooks fast!  As soon as the meat is cooked and just a bit seared, move it off onto the platter, and squeeze a lime over it, and sprinkle with salt.

Repeat these same steps…oil/onion/meat (pause) garlic/toss (pause) move to platter/lime/salt…


keep it going until the meat is gone…

and you’ve got a gorgeous stack of fajita meat, and drooling people begin to swarm your kitchen.

Serve with additional lime wedges, and fresh cut avocado if desired.

Here’s the printable…go forth and fajita!

Lime Fajita Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Lime Fajitas are super flavorful and easy, and they come together *fast*…as in ‘set the table before you start heating the pan’ fast.
Recipe type: Main Dish
Cuisine: Mexican
  • 3 limes
  • 1 lb. flank or fajita steak
  • 2 T peanut oil (or other high heat oil like coconut)
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced (or can use granulated)
  • dash salt & pepper to taste
  • 2 onions, sliced into rings
  • 8 tortillas, warmed
  • 1 avocado
  1. Slice your steak into thin slices. How thin, you ask? 3/16ths of an inch, if you wanna be picky about it. I'm not.
  2. Slice onions into ¼" rings, and separate.
  3. Chop limes in half, and mince garlic if you're using fresh.
  4. Set out an empty platter, your limes, salt & pepper, and get your tortillas warming in the oven on low.
  5. Heat a large cast iron skillet or flat griddle to high heat, and add a T of oil.
  6. Arrange the onions in a single layer on the pan, and let heat from just a minute, until beginning to sizzle and steam a bit.
  7. Lay the steak strips over the top of the onion, allowing them to steam and brown where they touch the pan.
  8. Cook for a minute or two, and then season with fresh or granulated garlic. Immediately flip the steak and onions. Continue to 'stir fry' until nicely browned, then transfer to the waiting platter.
  9. Squeeze a half of a fresh lime over the top of the meat/onions, and salt/pepper. (Please, please use fresh and not bottled lime juice!)
  10. Repeat with the rest of the ingredients until all of the meat and onions are cooked.
  11. Slice or mash avocado. Squeeze in a half a lime and a t. of salt for an amazing fresh guac.
  12. Serve on warm tortillas, with frozen adult beverage of your choice.
To make the pan clean up really easy, pour some water into the pan as soon as you're done cooking the fajita meat. It pulls (deglazes) all the sticky onion and meat juices off the pan, and it's MUCH easier to clean.


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  1. Mary Fox says

    Your Lime Fajita recipe looks awesome, but how can I have a tortilla with that meat and combo on THM as it looks like it is an “S” meal and the tortilla looks like a flour tortilla
    Thanks for your help…still pretty new at THM and trying to sort it all out!
    Mary Fox

      • Mary Fox says

        Thanks! I appreciate your recipes, wish you would post more “weekly menus”. Your quick start helped me get started on THM but I’m still struggling to get it all together, especially the snacks spaced 3 hours apart..we just don’t eat that way! BUT, I’ll press on!
        Blessings to you!

  2. says

    Thank you! I made this tonight and it was wonderful! I was kind of amazed that I made great fajitas with no special ingredients! This recipe will become a regular for our home!