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natural flavorings imgNatural flavoring or extracts are a staple in my kitchen. I love how they can transform a recipe into a whole different direction, or add an exciting boost to an otherwise boring meal. I asked my readers what their favorites natural flavoring brands and extracts are, and these are the great ideas that were shared:

Our Favorite Natural Flavoring Brands

So far, I’ve not been able to find any of these locally with the exception of a few of the Sweet Leaf flavors in my Kroger organic section. I’m adding my Amazon affiliate link which is where I like to order natural flavors.

  • Frontier Organic– Rachelle gets this brand and also the Simply Organic brand through her Frontier Co-op for great prices. Cyndi loves their Maple flavoring in Maple Pecan Scones.
  • Flavorganics– Jordan especially recommends their peppermint & hazelnut and finds them at Vitacost.
  • Olive Nation– Shannon & Julia are big fans.
  • Simply Organic– Patti loves their Madagascar vanilla in…everything!

And a special mention of Sweet Leaf organic, which are flavored stevia sweet drops. They come in several flavors. I’ve tried and enjoyed their vanilla creme, grape, tangerine, and hazelnut flavors.


My Favorite Brands & Recipes

Here are a few of my favorite flavors, and the recipes I love them in:


Amazon Store

My Favorite TOTALLY Natural Flavor Boosters

And for REALLY natural flavors, here are the foods that I use to impart loads of flavor to recipes without resorting to extracts:

  • fresh or dried mint leaves- add these to a tea pitcher for a refreshing kick of mint.
  • freshly frozen ginger- I chop into thumb size pieces and store in the freezer. I add fresh ginger to Asian inspired recipes, spiced chai teas, and more.
  • organic citrus zest- contains the essential oils which adds loads of flavor to drinks, sauces, and more.
  • fresh lime or lemon juice. Fresh, y’all. Or frozen. :)
  • cocoa powder- I never understood the need to have chocolate flavoring when I can use real cocoa or chocolate!
  • cold brewed coffee concentrate- my summer go-to for fresh iced coffee, but it’s also great to add depth of flavor to chocolate recipes.
  • vanilla beans: I add these to a bottle of rum and make my own vanilla extract!

What are your favorite natural flavor brands or flavors?
Can anyone point me to a good natural rum flavoring for my frozen eggnog shake?

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