Flu Facts: Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Flu

Flu Fact #5: You can catch the flu more than once in a season

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Dr. Rob and I both agree on this one: Yes. Yes, you can. But thankfully, it’s rare.

There are several strains of flu circulating every flu season. So unfortunately, you can catch the flu more than once per season. So it CAN happen. Rachel J. from the Herbal Chick Chat Facebook group shares, “a woman I know reported to us that she has had the flu shot twice this year and has contracted the flu 3 times! She got flu A twice and flu B once.”

How did you do? Did you learn something new about the flu like I did?

I’m SUCH a huge fan of using natural remedies to support the body in healing. Here is a great post about home remedies we’ve successfully used for the flu. flu remedies

Thank you Dr. Rob!

holistic doctor (2 of 12)And finally, a HUGE thank you to Dr. Rob Debease for his insights and tips on flu care. To contact Dr. Rob, who is (figuratively) a WIZARD at helping to get to the root cause and treat holistically, you can find him and fill out a free health evaluation on his website here. He helps people long distance and all over the world!

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5 flu facts, wellness tips and a surprising myth

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    I think it depends, on what I’m not sure. I’ve have really good experiences and some bad ones. When my daughter was 3 months old she had severe reflux, to the point of not being able to eat.. they were fast. We got out in 3 hours. When she was 5 months she became lethargic with a fever and no other symptoms, after 9 hours we still hadn’t seen a doctor. Keep in mind my daughter is premature (2 months) so things that may not seem like much, can be huge for her. The hospital does get bombarded with situations that don’t exactly require emergency care, for instance, when we were there because of an unexplained fever, there was a 30-ish yr old women there with a Charlie horse in her hand.? She was there for 11 hours (I think they were hoping she’d just leave). We try not to go to any clinics or hospitals because of my daughters weak immune system, and use the health unit or that hot line number for advice and suggestions.