Garlic Remedies

Let’s talk garlic remedies…last week, we talked about the health benefits of garlic, mainly from a standpoint of using it to treat common, acute illnesses.  Garlic is now the go-to herb in this house for a cold, sore throat or any type of infection or virus.  I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned about this amazing herb!

Now, the really hard core herb users will usually recommend eating raw garlic cloves.  Ha!  That would be out of the question with my kids.

I needed kinder, gentler, tastier garlic treatments…ways of using garlic that don’t cause my children to run screaming from the kitchen.  After much experimenting, I’m now much more comfortable and confident at using garlic to treat our common illnesses…and my kids approve of and will actually ask for their garlic treatments!  Really and truly!eating raw garlic- why you should and the best ways to eat it.

I’m gonna give you the full run down on the best ways to use garlic!  Be sure to look for the printable garlic remedy sheet full of recipes and tips at the end of this post.

When I first began my experiments with garlic, it didn’t panned out to be the miraculous cure all that I had read about, I’m pretty sure user error (and laziness) factored into my early results.   But even then, the times that we used garlic, we did notice some improvement, which kept me interested in learning more.  The not so successful attempts at treating myself and my family with garlic eventually led to more and more success and understanding of how garlic works.

First Time Failureeating raw garlic- why you should and the best ways to eat it.

For instance, the first time I attempted to use garlic as a natural remedy was for a bladder infection.  I rarely get a bladder infection…this was probably like the third in my whole life.  But it was a doozy!  I awoke to a raging infection one morning.  Quickly researching, I found that eating raw garlic was a recommended treatment. great.

For the next three days, I reluctantly downed raw garlic cloves every four hours, in addition to eating lots and lots of cooked onions (another member of the allium family, and great for inflammation.)  I was feeling much, much better, but I still was aware of some irritation in my bladder.  And I stunk…I reeked from my garlic protocol.

Feeling rather defeated, and no longer willing to continue, I scheduled an appointment with my Dr.  She confirmed that I did have a bladder infection, but said “You must have just come down with it…the bacteria aren’t even throwing nitrites yet!”  (Apparently, bacteria produce nitrites, which is how bladder infections are normally detected…so something good was happening!)

When I told her that I’d had the infection for three days, but had been taking garlic and onions to treat it, she was very impressed!  She said “I wish I had been taught about herbs in medical school.  Herbs are the basis of modern medicine, but they didn’t teach us anything about using them.”

Knowing that the garlic had done some good, I was encouraged, and set out to do more research on using garlic.  This experiment taught me that using garlic internally is great at boosting the immune system, but could I use it to kill the bacteria (or virus/fungus)?

<By the way, I have since treated myself very successfully using another *much easier* natural bladder infection remedy -link will open on a new page.>

Discovering the Secrets of Garlic Remedies

After my ‘failure that was not a failure’, I had a light-bulb moment while researching garlic: raw garlic loses much of its impressive and well documented antibiotic/anti-fungal/anti-viral potency when exposed to heat and acid.  (more info on that is discussed in the health benefits of garlic).  And if I remember my high school biology class correctly, the stomach is a pretty warm, acidic place.

So, downing raw cloves did boost my immune system response, but it wasn’t the best approach for taking that powerful antibiotic into my blood stream after all.eating raw garlic- why you should and the best ways to eat it.

The Secret to Using Garlic as an Antibiotic:

Allicin, is the strongest known antibiotic component in garlic.  It is created from an enzyme reaction between the compounds in garlic when it’s crushed or sliced.  Since it’s a constantly changing compound, it is *very* difficult for bacteria, viruses, and other microbes to learn how to beat the system…something that they can do much more easily with single component antibiotics.

Allicin is not stomach friendly…the stomach acids shut it down.  Which is probably in your best interest, because your digestive system is supposed to be powered by “friendly” bacteria that you don’t really want to kill off.

The great news is that allicin CAN be absorbed through the skin, directly into the bloodstream.  This was a major breakthrough for me in learning how to use garlic remedies effectively!

See below for my favorite way to use garlic topically as an antibiotic.

The Two Secrets to Using Garlic Effectively:

#1 Use it at the first sign of an illness, and use it frequently.  Infections work by multiplying in your body at rapid rates…so the earlier you can hit it, the smaller their army, and the less damage they can do.  The earlier you treat, the more impact your going to have on the duration and severity of the illness.  A cold or sore throat that has been bother you for a day or two is much more likely to become an acute infection, as the germs colonize and take over at an amazingly rapid rate.  Hours count.

#2 Use garlic both internally and externally.  This will give you the best of both worlds: fighting the infection in the blood, as well as boosting the immune response.

How To Use Garlic as an Antibiotic:

This is our garlic remedy of choice. I have used this successfully in
treating colds, sore throats, ear aches/infections and even the flu.

Modern medicine now employs transdermal patches to dose hormones, medications, and nicotine…so just think of the garlic press as an herbal transdermal patch.

The Garlic Press

It just takes a minute to put together a garlic press.  This is how I use raw garlic for the best antibiotic punch.  Basically, you put down a spot of oil, smish some garlic, and fold the paper towel up around it…just takes a quick minute.  Especially if you use a hammer.


To Use Your Garlic Press

Press against the skin near the area that you are focusing treatment on.  I generally prefer the neck or chest area.  The neck is just easy access to lots of blood vessels, and the lymph glands.  The throat is usually one of the first areas that we start feeling symptoms.

This is because the airways are generally the first place that we encounter incoming germs…so the body is created with an incredible immune response system for identifying and neutralizing attacks right inside the nasal and throat passages.  The lymph glands there are part of the immune system.  They house specialized T cells that are your body’s sentinels.

In a healthy body with a well functioning primary immune system, these “Killer T Cells” recognize and overcome invading pathogens, and send out messages to every cell in the body telling the cells how to kill off that pathogen.  A healthy immune system is an AMAZING thing!

Hold the press in place for a couple of minutes, or as long as you can stand the smell.  Some people are sensitive to garlic, and their skin will get red and may sting.  If this is the case, just be careful to move the press to a different location each time they start feeling it sting.  Try to get as much into the system as possible, with as little trauma as possible.  Wipe down the area well after using the press if the person is sensitive to the oils.

***If you suspect that the person is allergic to garlic, or any member of the allium family, then it would be wise to use another herbal remedy.***

We try to do garlic presses every hour. If I get busy and forget, my kids will ask for them.  They don’t like the smell at all, but they ask because they can feel the difference that the garlic makes. 


Garlic Press Tips

-If more than one of my kids is sick, then I will just make one garlic press, and we take turns using it.  I’ve read that the strongest concentration of allicin is within the first 15 minutes of the clove being smashed…so as long as everyone applies the press before 15 minutes is up, you’re still getting maximum effectiveness.  Then, we throw the garlic press away.
In the kitchen trash can.
Because a garlic press can become very fragrant if left to age under the couch cushions.

-To make the smell more tolerable: We break out a scarf or something to cover the press while they hold it in place.

Other Garlic Remedies:

  • Yummy Cough Syrup I’ve already posted the recipe for garlic honey lemon cough and cold remedy.  It’s one of our favorite ways to take garlic for sore throats/cough/colds.  It’s tasty, and I do think it has some great health benefits including immune boosting, cutting phlegm, and soothing a cough.
  • Biting a Clove of Garlic: One friend, who has a much stronger constitution than I, swears by placing a raw clove of garlic inside her cheek, and biting down on it with her molars (no chewing…just bite and hold).  She holds this in place in her mouth for anywhere from a few minutes to as long as she can stand.  She says that she never gets sore throats now, because she does this at the first sign, and it always cures it. The idea behind this method is introducing allicin into the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.  On top of directly confronting the infection, the allicin is also swiftly absorbed into the blood stream in the area below the tongue.


Note: in the name of science, I tried this method while writing this article because I’m trying to pick up a cough from my kids, and I really, really don’t want the baby or me to get sick.  It worked really fast, and wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Thanks Jillian!

Update: Turns out the “cold” I was getting was actually the beginning phase of whooping cough.  AMAZINGLY, I avoided it by using the garlic, but the baby did not.  I wrote a series of posts on whooping cough from our experience and research that I’ve received a lot of very good feedback from.

  • GOOT (Garlic Olive Oil Treatment) is a well loved garlic remedy among many of my friends.  It’s a thick paste made with fresh garlic that can be rubbed on.  See the printable garlic remedy page at the bottom of this post for recipes and uses.
  • Eating raw garlic is a great way to boost the immune systems in your family if a bug is going around.  The trick to this is making something delicious!  My favorites are:
    • Add raw garlic to salsa,
    • pasta (alla checca is a favorite here!), or
    • mix chopped raw garlic into melted butter and pour it over rolls.
    • Another friend adores tzatziki sauce or fresh hummus.

    If everyone shares in the garlic-y goodness, no one will be ostracized for the the breath…which leads to my next garlic remedy:

The Remedy for Garlic Breath

And speaking of bad breath…if you can’t stand the smell of garlic, then add in or eat a bit of fresh or dried parsley with your garlic.  If you use it topically, make dried parsley ‘tea’ with hot water and use that to wash the offending area, or rub the area with something made of stainless steel to remove the oils.

If you can’t stand the burn/taste of garlic, try warming it in butter or using it with a recipe that uses oil (pesto, salad dressing, pasta sauce with olive oil).  Melted butter is just shy of magic with garlic, turning the fiesty burn into a velvety rich flavor.  It’s my preferred way to take garlic raw (with warm yeast rolls, of course).

For skin that is sensitive to garlic, try applying garlic remedies to the back or the soles of the feet, which seem to be less sensitive skin.  If you’re sensitive to the smell of garlic, then applying GOOT or garlic oil to the soles of the feet just before bed, and layer with old socks to prevent oil stains.

Here are some testimonials and other real life examples of garlic remedies from my wonderful, herb savvy friends:

Coughs: I did garlic presses with my two year old on her chest. I just helped hold it there for about 2 minutes at a time. I did it several times throughout the day. She didn’t seem to mind it at all and it cleared up a terrible, bronchitis sounding cough. ~Wendy T.

Sore Throat & Strep Throat:
Crushed raw garlic on a warm wet rag and placed on the neck (near the glands) for sore throats, illness, etc. Works within minutes to relieve sore throats. Gave this one to my sister also and she now swears by it for her strep throat prone son. ~Patti S.

Fresh garlic presses have cured many cases of (diagnosed) strep and throat infection in our house over the past 4 or 5 years. ~Christine G.

Colds:  My husband was just getting over a 5 or 6 day cold. My little man started to sniffle yesterday, and last night, was completely snotty and miserable, with a low fever. When he fell asleep, I sneaked in and held some garlic on his neck for the 2 minutes, and also taped a clove on his foot. This morning, he is congested, but no fever, and no snot running everywhere. I did the garlic periodically today. He’s going to sleep just as sweetly as can be, and was a happy, cuddly boy today. I did a few other things as well, but I think the garlic gets the credit for this one. ~Lacey A.

Ear Infections/Pain:
I began having a dull pain in my right ear & it progressed to a sharp piercing pain, I just now chopped fresh Garlic placed it in a thin scrap of cloth & in a bowl poured a small amount of hot water over it, rung the access water out & placed it over the offending ear…instantly the ear popped like going up in elevation and I felt the fluid draining, instant relief.  I left this there for a full minute then reheated & continued with it over each gland just below the ear, & felt the swelling relax, & the accompanying sore throat also vanished. ~Sherri R.

Our 2 year old had been swimming, and had gotten water in her ear.  She started to run a fever and had intense ear pain. I diced and steeped a crushed garlic clove in warm olive oil for 10 or so minutes, and then strained it and let it cool. We dropped the body temp garlic oil into her ear. Within an hour or 2 of administering the garlic oil, both the fever and pain were gone. This was our first attempt at using natural remedies…wildly successful!! ~Jessica I.

Garlic provides pain relief for toothaches. I chewed a raw clove of garlic right on the tooth as long as I could stand the taste. Spit it out. Instant pain relief for 12hrs. Repeat. :-) ~Patti S.

Garlic Remedies Printable

Ready to experiment?  Here is a printable page of recipes for your herbal notebook:

garlic remedies printable from Gwen's Nest- GREAT info!
Click here to open the 3 page Garlic Remedies printable in a new window to print or download

Do you have a favorite garlic remedy that you’d like to share?  I love hearing about how other families use natural remedies!

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  1. Katherine H. says

    I somehow ended up on your site while googling Greek Salad Dressing recipes! Yours sounded good so I decided to check out your site and see what was here. I read about the garlic treatments and thought that maybe I would test it out if needed. Well, a while later I caught the flu, not just a 24 hour bug, but the FLU flu. I had it before and tried the RX treatment and it worked, but thought I would try a natural treatment. I couldn’t move, get out of bed, etc. My hubby went to the store and bought a head of garlic. He sliced it up and I would swallow 2 or 3 slices with water every 4 or 5 hours (in between naps). By the next day, fever diminished, body aches diminished, I was not 100% but felt like a new person. By the second day I was amazed. My son took note.
    On another occasion pink eye was going around and my 10 year old came up to me with his eye all pink and swollen. He begged me not to take him to the doctor, I was nervous not to. He asked to try the garlic “trick”…he could never swallow a pill or anything, couldn’t ever stand raw garlic but was willing to try it. I told him OK but if his eye was the same or worse we were going the next morning. He started swallowing his little slices and the next morning his eye looked better; continued the regimen and it was truly amazing. He had pink eye before so I know his eye was not just irritated, it looked just like conjunctivitis. We have since had success and am thankful you posted it and that I somehow found it :)

    Many thanks from Katherine in Tennessee

    • Its_Gwen says

      So glad you’re enjoying success with garlic! Isn’t it amazing the powerful herbs that are literally *right* under our noses and in our pantries! :)

      Thank you for sharing this inspiring comment!

  2. Lindsay says

    Absolutely fantastic! I’m about to have a root canal done next week and in the meantime the pain is terrible….. Until I munched down on a bulb of garlic, amazing! Thanks so much, instant pain relief. Fantastic website x

  3. loli says

    For yeasts infections, a peeled clove inserted vaginally, like a store bought suppository. It stings a little at first but not as much as the stinging and burning of the actual infection. Works as well or better than anti-fungal creams and suppositories and much more cost effective.

    • Herbs&Alchemy says

      That’s a wonderful treatment. I would be very careful with inserting it raw; garlic can cause 3rd degree burn if left in contact with skin for too long. And especially with the vaginal walls being so sensitive, That’s a little scary & I wouldn’t recommend it personally, but you can also do a vaginal steam or sitz bath with garlic.

      • Its_Gwen says

        Heating garlic rapidly degrades the allicin, which is the potent antimicrobial component. Those who are very sensitive to garlic (or sulphur drugs in general) may want to steer clear of it for this use, but an uncut and slightly bruised clove is enough to do the trick.

    • ReikiChick says

      You might be safe with crushing the garlic and putting it in a safe to use oil like coconut oil and putting some on a pad. That way you’re not directly inserting it.

    • Cherl says

      Just a word of caution. I took this advice and am now having serious issues from it. I definantly burned my vaginal wall and am slowly healing but I would not recommend the inserting with cheese cloth method.

      • says

        I’m SO sorry, Cherl! I know some people are just far more sensitive to garlic even on normal skin, and some batches of garlic are stronger than others. Thank you for offering this warning for others- natural remedies are not without side effects at times, and it’s wise to test things for how your body responds. <3

  4. loli says

    Also, here’s an idea you might like to try. I’ve read that lipid-based garlic treatments work faster and better than water based ones. Since garlic can act as it’s own emulsifier in a blender, mix garlic, coconut oil (also an antiseptic), and a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil. Blend until smooth and creamy and apply
    as a lotion or topical cream. Hopefully the peppermint/lavender oil would mask some of the smell. This might work for skin blemishes, athlete’s foot or as an alternative to your garlic press? This is a great blog! Thanks.

    • Its_Gwen says

      Thank YOU Loli!
      Some of my friends call this mix GOOT…Garlic Olive Oil Treatment (you can use either oil). I’ve used it before, but because of the enzyme activity of garlic, it’s really the most potent within an hour or so of making it, and I felt like it was more economical and less mess to just go with the garlic press. I do use oil for the same reason you mention, as the antibiotic in garlic is oil based. :)

  5. leslie says

    i found you by typing ‘garlic as antibiotic’. i recognized you from THM !! i am trying this right now for mastitis. i’ve eaten 2 1/2 bulbs of garlic over the last two days crushing 3 or 4 cloves at a time and swallowing with water and/or yogurt! YIK, i reek!! never thought to apply topically! i’ll let you know if this works for mastitis. :-)
    thanks , Gwen.

    Leslie Bucher

    • Its_Gwen says

      :) Topical is going to put the power of the antibiotic RIGHT where you want it! I’ve read that heat and acid destroy the allicin content, so not as much benefit that way from swallowing it (although I do think it boosts immunity through other means when swallowed).

    • Amberlynn Lane says

      Perfect. I was researching this for mastitis help, too! I’ve been doing essential oil compresses. I will do the garlic press with my essential oil mix as the oil drops on the cloth! (Lavender, Tea Tree, Chamomile and a bit of Cypress diluted in coconut and Jojoba oil.)

      • Amberlynn Lane says

        Help! I did this, and it was going great – but then baby had screeching pain and gurgley gas unlike he’s ever had. Wondering if the garlic got into the milk and got the baby…

        • Its_Gwen says

          Hi Amberlynn, it does sound like your baby is sensitive to garlic…you may need to do pump-n-dump on that side while you treat.

          • Amberlynn Lane says

            That’s basically what I’ve been doing today. I’ve waited ’till after he’s fed on that side, then do the garlic press right after. Then I would shower and massage to help and work out the garliced milk. He’s doing fine today and I’m doing much better – though still tired and achey. Live and learn, and adjust as we go, right?

  6. leslie says

    hey, just wanted to say that i am praising the Lord for His wisdom and provision!! It WORKED!! i crushed 2-4 garlic cloves with coconut oil and used the paper towel thingy and stuffed it in my bra. i left it there for a whole hour and made a fresh one every hour for the 1st bit. (the whole breast was affected and i really wanted to knock the bad guys out!) all the redness, pain and swelling is GONE. :-) the fever left after the 1st application. i am still taking the garlic internally as well , just not so much, nor quite so often. i intend to continue using the press for a couple more days just to make sure all the germs are dead. thanks Gwen. I know it was the Lord who directed me to your site. :-)

  7. Margaret says

    I’ve had a terrible toothache for days, I mashed a clove and rubbed in on my gums and then bit into a garlic clove. It feels so much better now! Thank you, it will help til I can make it to the dentist. Wish I had tried sooner!

  8. Taya says

    Lover your site found it looking for natural remedies for whooping cough. We use garlic for everything around here. MY three year old will ask for it when she does not feel well. Just a little hint we found. Any time you want the garlic to work faster administer with ginger. I make candied ginger and we take it after eating the garlic. You can use Cayenne pepper the same way but that is impossible to get small children to take. It really works. I got this from a great book 10 essential herbs.

  9. Katie Johanneson Ables says

    I just put a garlic wrap in my son for his cough. He is so confused, he said to me ” my foot doesn’t have a cough” hahaha! Hope this works since the doctors are worthless!

    • alison says

      I love garlic and it most def would help infection. I would take garlic along with a tsp of baking soda in a cup of water. This changes the alkalinity of bladder and relieves pain from UTI. I have done this any time I feel one coming on. It works every time.

  10. Jill says

    I’m having a problem printing, it’ll will open another page but it’s in gibberish! lol Is it just my lack of computer skills or does anyone else have this problem!? BTW Love your site Gwen! Thanks!

        • Sharon Grover says

          I can download other PDF from you site just fine. I think it is how the PDF is saved? I get the file to pull just fine. and you can see in the picture that it says Garlic Remedies and shows the picture, but the font for the rest of the writing isn’t correct.?

          • Sharon Grover says

            Actually, I just figured it out. I use google chrome and when I click on it to open, it open in a new tab with the gibberish. I saved it as a PDF and then opened it and it was all in plain english. Sorry, I didn’t think of that before.

          • Jill says

            I just tried again.. it came up gibberish again but thought I’d just try printing to see what happens, it’s in english!!! I think I had the same problem as Sharon, (I use google chrome too). Thank you Ladies for helping!!!

  11. Kragarn says

    First of all, THANK YOU!!!!! I am a homeless man and have been dealing with an abscessed tooth for the last 2 weeks that has caused the glands behind my right ear to swell and become very painful. Since i can not afford a dentist, I have been looking for a natural remedy that will reduce the pain to a manageable level. I have been researching using garlic as an antibiotic, but (until now) have been unable to find out HOW to use garlic properly. Your Garlic Press is WONDERFUL!! I have been ingesting garlic for the last couple of days ( a clove a day) with little or no results. I just now tried your Garlic Press, and the pain has reduced dramatically and almost instantly. Thank you very, very much! I may be able to get more than 30 minutes of sleep tonight.

    • Its_Gwen says

      So glad you’re finding relief…praying that you’ll find help in getting your tooth extracted. Ask around…I know that there are kind dentists that work to help those who can’t afford it.

    • shay peleg says

      Doubt this would work but trying calling all dentists and ask if they can do anything pro bono some people have good hearts and might do it

      • Julie says

        Many states have a program called Mission of Mercy. They provide two days of free dental work; extractions, cleanings, xrays, and fillings. It takes about 1000 volunteers for those two days, and they usually serve close to 2000 people. You ususally have to wait in line for a long time, so prepare for that. The states often change location each year. I don’t know which state you are in, but you can do a search and see if your state has one.

  12. Penny says

    An elderly gentleman taught me this one. At the first sign of illness, put a raw garlic clove inside a prune and eat it. The prune cuts the bitter, unpleasant garlic taste and is full of minerals to boot. Follow it with 1000 mg of Vit C. Do this every hour until symptoms diminish – 3 times is usually all it takes!

  13. jenny says

    Gwen. Thanks for this post, just what I needed today!
    I’ve read that garlic is also a remedy for alopecia (hair loss). External and internal application. I’m going to give it a whirl now I feel a bit more ‘educated’!
    Very grateful for your research and recipes and sharing with us! :)

  14. Joice says

    Wao! This works like magic. Nature is indeed unequaled! I just read this now and rushed to apply it. The boil responded immediately. I only realized that I was in pains few mins ago! Infact I can see is already healing. Thanx for this Gwen

  15. Fmg says

    Just be sure to take a probiotic if you are using garlic. Garlic as been proven to also kill a lot of the probiotics. So you have to alternate with a probiotic.

    • says

      The stomach itself is designed to create acidity. So I’m not certain what to say about using garlic. It’s not a good fit for everyone…those who have issues with sulfur sometimes don’t do well with garlic.

  16. Justin says

    Love the articles. I use garlic to treat colds as well. I too would take it orally, but was worried about the allicin degrading in the stomach. The stomach PH is 1.5-3.5 and temperature is about 37*c. I thought you might like to know the specific degradation ph and temps below. I’m kind of a nerd like that. Lol.

    “At room temperature, allicin in aqueous extract was most stable at pH 5-6 but degraded quickly at lower or higher pH. It began to degrade within 0.5 h and was not detectable after 2 h when the pH was higher than 11 or lower than 1.5. It degraded quickly when the temperature was higher than 40 °C and especially higher than 70 °C. At room temperature, allicin in water could be stored for 5 days without obvious degradation. Higher concentrations of allicin in solution were somewhat more stable than low concentrations”.(1)

    So assuming your stomach was the average ph 0f 2.5 and your body was 37*c allicin can survive for at least half an hour in the stomach if not longer, which is why it worked for you somewhat during your “failed first attempt”.

    Like you said it just tastes horrible. lol. My method was to throw a whole lemon into the blender with 5 cloves and a tbsp of honey with a a few ounces of water and chug it down. It was not very pleasant. Lol. I am definitely going to try the transdermal method. I am going to use a masticating juicer to achieve the max amount of allicin out of the garlic cloves as possible, soak cotton pads with it, and secure it to the backs of the knees and elbows. The skin is thinner in those areas and a lot of transdermal supplements i have used in the past suggested those places.


  17. JD says

    Thank you very much for this invaluable information! Garlic is an awesome antibiotic. I used it to treat a staph infection on my 10-year-old’s eczema — which was very possibly MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureous), because it couldn’t be killed by oral antibiotics and steroid creams. It just returned after the medical dose was completed. I gave her 1 to 1 1/2 tsp. minced raw garlic (about 1 big clove or 2 small ones) 4 times a day and also applied garlic–coconut oil topically on the infected areas 2x a day. It was controlled in 3-4 days. For more info on garlic’s efficacy as an all-around antibiotic, see If you need clinical/pharmacological evidence, even supported by the WHO, this might help:

  18. Marlo says

    Hello Gwen! Love your article!!! Just FYI– the Garlic Recipes in its webpage .pdf format illegible to my computer. It looks like it may have been written in a non-standard or new font that doesn’t translate to other computers if said font is not already downloaded onto them. It may be that this font is included the newest version of Adobe Reader but not in previous versions, hence the software can’t translate it…. One can copy+ paste into Word and it instantly translates, but you may want to consider research and experimentation with your font to make it easily accessible…. Thanks!

  19. Glenn says

    Son has strep throat (undiagnosed), but this would be his 4th time since December. I tried the Garlic wash cloth but that did go well. Messy and the garlic started to burn. So a few hours later in 1230am when he was sleeping, I did the paper towel garlic press. Fever was still 102.2, which was better than 102.5 throughout the day. Applied to his neck along the lymph node, mostly on one side as he turned I switched. I’m guessing maybe 5 minutes or so, then he woke up and was dreaming still. LOL. about 10 minutes later he calmed down and I checked his temp and it was down to about 99.9, I checked his temp n both ears like 5 times each, because I couldn’t believe it. I have ever seen a temp go down like that and he’s been fine 10 hours later as I am currently typing. In fact I checked his temp at 7am and it was 98.6, and still is. Now we also did oregano oil gargle and spit, and ACV gargle and swallow prior. Not at the same time, and of course diluted in water. 3 times through out the day he swallowed 1 clove minced garlic and raw honey. Gave him wellness pill and 13 BU pro biotic, and lots of water. a couple times with ACV mixed. But to see his temp drop immediately after garlic press is miraculous. I will now swear by it. when anyone is sick I will try it, even applied to the feet since the feet absorbs well. We won strep without antibiotics and no motrin. I always got scared when temp goes over a 100, but after reading we shoulnd fear until over 107. Even up to 104 is beneficial, of course see how the look and feel physically. I always knew and used garlic internally, but never like this. Amazing, simply amazing!

  20. Daragh Moller says

    Thanks for all your lovely garlic knowledge. Im presently strapped down tight with garlic on my neck, thyme on my chest and fresh turmeric on my chest, using old fashioned sticky plasters works wonders! Daragh

  21. says

    The best remedy I’ve found so far, is to wrap ice in a frzeeer bag and apply it to the area as soon as you feel the tingle. Leave it there until your lip goes numb, which the ice will keep it from growing. Then keep the area as dry as possible. They go away quicker if you keep them dried out Usually a few days and it’s dead.

  22. Ric says

    I had a toothache and cut a slice of raw garlic. I chewed it and put it on my gum next to the tooth. I kept it there as long as I could then swallowed it. I did that 5 times during the day and a couple times the next day. That was 3 years ago. I didn’t go to the dentist and the pain didn’t come back. In my case the pain relief wasn’t instant, but within 24 hours it was totally gone and didn’t come back.

  23. Angel says

    Hi! I’ve found this article very helpful, but when I tried to download the printable I found that it isn’t in English? Do you have a copy in English? I can’t figure out how to translate it without having to copy and paste everything over to Google translate. If you could email me a copy i’d LOVE that! 😀 Thanks so much hun.

    • says

      Hi Angel,
      I’m SO sorry to just now be responding to this…I went in and updated the crazy gibberish .pdf with a fresh file that should work now. Thanks for letting me know that this was all messed up! Technology and I are not the best of buddies. :)

  24. christine says

    Can I use the garlic press on my 5 month old? He was coughing a lot last night. Monitoring it for whooping cough. I also saw your recipe remedy for the whooping cough. If my little guy were to get it, is thus something something I should eat and he will get through my breastmilk? Thank you!

    • says

      At 5 months, I would personally do the supplements and supportive foods myself and let him get it via the milk. Mama’s milk is just incredible…your immune system picks up on what he’s battling, and will give him antibodies for it. So it’s really the best medicine you can give a little one. <3

      Garlic is fairly harsh on such tender skin. You can try a warm onion, but still be careful. Check out the post on the Onion Poultice here. :)

  25. AJ says

    Thanks for the garlic press idea! I always use garlic for colds and flu symptoms, but it can be hard on the stomach. I wanted to post a comment because I discovered a great remedy for garlic breath while I worked for a candy company. DARK CHOCOLATE! Several squares of good high cacao chocolate (at least 70% ) quickly neutralizes garlic breath. Try it- it really works!

    • says

      My first reaction would be: OUCH!!! :) I have crushed a clove in my teeth and held it in my cheek, and it worked very quickly and was not painful. Garlic is so potent that it can burn, so putting it in contact with delicate tissue is something that should be done with caution.

  26. Norm Shaw says

    Hi Gwen: I have been eating a large clove raw for the past week daily and have noticed my face get a healthy looking red but then my face turned hot and terrbily itchy- your comments please -Thanks, Norm

  27. says

    I think your site is awesome, Gwen, just this one page about garlic is fantastic, I cannot wait to see all of your other cold cures. Really informative and this is the way we should all be heading. It really is so much wiser to stay healthy using food, rather than going to the doctor and getting pharmaceuticals that will ease one symptom, never cure the illness, and probably give you more symptoms of ill health.

  28. says

    Hi Gwen,

    I am suffering from Jock Itch. I just read the article on Garlic remedies on your web site. Unfortunately, it was after I chewed up four garlic cloves! I know the cause of my infection. I love to cook and I have a sweet tooth. If I up my intake of garlic and do not change my eating habits can it still control a yeast infection?

    • says

      I think it would be much more effective if you cut sugar, and opted for non-glycemic sweeteners (I have lots of great sugar free, protein rich recipes here…check out the Peppermint Milkshake!) Using low glycemic carbs, like beans, fruit, and brown rice is a better approach when you’re cutting yeast.

  29. Beena says

    Hi! I am so glad to have found your article on garlic. I think I have the flu and today is my 4th day in. Cough, cold, fever and initially had body pain which is now gone. I want to avoid going to the doctor and 99% sure s/he is going to prescribe me an antibiotic.

    I would love to try the garlic remedy. Do you have a suggestion on the dosage and how I should consume garlic for the flu?


  30. says

    I have peeled about 30 cloves of garlic and put them in a glass jar then added honey to cover them. They are kept in the fridge. I started to eat one garlic clove (mix with honey) every morning on an empty stomach. At first I would chop the clove and ad honey to it and swallow it with water.

    Chopping it every morning was a hassle, so I dumped the entire jar in the blender to mince the garlic and placed the mixture of garlic and honey back into the jar and fridge. I now take a teaspoon full of the mixture.

    Am I still getting full benefits or did the chemical reaction (Allicen component of the garlic died off)?

    • says

      I’m certain you’re getting benefits, but the allicin is no longer active with blended garlic…it’s made from an enzyme reaction when garlic is cut or chewed.

  31. Lisa says

    Great ideas! I’m trying to get rid of swollen lymph nodes in my neck because my hubby and I are going on our 25th wedding anniversary trip next week! I just used your honey, lemon, garlic sore throat drink. Not sure I got all the measurements correct but it was tasty–and strong! Next I used the garlic press (in the paper towel) and then the same press in a small version in my ear. PLEASE be aware (as you mentioned) that people with sensitive skin may have burning or redness! I am red haired and fair skinned and I could only take ten minutes of the press on my neck and only two minutes in my ear. I’m going to keep using the neck press every few hours but no more in my ear. Thank you for your ideas!! :)

    • Ms Golay says

      My daughter has chronic pharyngitis and all the physicians tell me is let it pass. I became frustrated and stumbled across this blog. She’s eating a raw clover here and there with the presses. She is feeling much better and we started this remedy today!! With prayer and this, it works wonders. Thanks a million!!


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