Goodbye & Hello Again

P1100615For the past 16 months, I’ve been involved heavily in the creation and maintenance of the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook community. My work there as a volunteer was very fulfilling and fun, but as the community grew, and as I took on other projects, I found myself over extended and having to lay down things that I really enjoyed, like blogging, writing, eating, and washing my hair.  I began neglecting my home and family.


I’ve carefully and prayerfully considered my options for over a month, but I came to the final realization this past Friday that I needed to seriously reprioritize my time and my life.  Starting now.

In short: I’m laying down all of the duties that I held with Trim Healthy Mama, including the THM Facebook groups. I’m pruning back this area of my life.


I’m FOREVER grateful for the deep friendships that have developed with the authors of Trim Healthy Mama. Pearl and Serene are precious people.  I’m so thankful for their understanding and continued friendship as this season of my life draws to a close.

And speaking of friendships…the community and the friends I’ve made in the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook community has been SUCH a huge part of my life this past year.  I have shed many tears over the thought of leaving my friends and laying down my admin hat. I am going to have withdrawals.

I will miss you all dearly.

Hello Again!

But I’ll be OK!

Because the grood news is this: I’m not *really* going anywhere.

After a sabbatical, in which I plan to lay around in my pajamas for a week and just soak in the time with my kids…I will be here.  I’ll be doing the things that I love to do once again: writing, blogging, and even hanging out a bit on Facebook. I’ll probably come say “Hello!” in the Facebook groups after a while.

I still LOVE the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle…I’m a believer for LIFE in what I learned from the book. I am super grateful for all that the THM plan and community have taught me and meant to me.  And I’ll definitely keep my THM recipes and posts up here…and will even add more.

I’ll find my way.  I have some ideas.

the lost art of life pruning (click the picture to read the article)

the lost art of life pruning (click the picture to read the article)

In fact, I have to admit, I’m *better* than just “OK.”  I feel like doing a cartwheel, or riding my bike REALLY fast, or diving into my much neglected book pile again.  I’m ready…so very ready for this change.

So, HELLO again, my friends!  I’m back. :)  And I have a BIG list of upcoming posts that I have been neglecting.

Keep in Touch!

I’ll still be here, blogging…so you can always get in touch with me via comments or by contacting me.

I’ll also still be hanging out on Facebook, albeit a lot less.  If you’d like to see new posts announced via Facebook, I will put them up here on my blog page…be sure to like it so you’ll see updates in your newsfeed:

Gwen’s Nest Facebook Page

And if you’re into the natural health and herb thing, you can find me here…along with lots of other smart ladies! This is a girls only group.:

Herbal Chick Chat Group

I just want to thank all of you who have made this past year SO full and wonderful…it’s been a blast, and I’m so happy to be making this change back to my ‘roots’ of writing and blogging.  It’s something I’ve missed.


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  1. Melissa says

    Good for you for understanding your limits and your priorities, Gwen. I am so grateful for all of the work you’ve done on the FB THM boards. I’ve learned so much from you there and here on the blog. Oh, am I so very glad that you’re not *really* going anywhere! :) Blessings!!

  2. godzgaljen says

    Wonderful post. 😉 I’m thankful that you are refreshed and have a weight lifted from your shoulders. Enjoy your family, your books and blogging! I cannot wait to see what all you come up with next! God is good. Pruning hurts but, the rewards are beautiful fruit! Love you!

  3. susie says

    Thank you so much for you wisdom, input, and love you gave us THM’s. We appreciate you very much. And will miss you. Enjoy life, and your family, Big Group hug and Love. :)

  4. Jan says

    I’m so glad you are keeping your blog. I’ve learned so much from your posts. Thank you for hosting the THM Facebook page too. I’m still learning the THM lifestyle with lots of ups and downs, but I’m comforted to know that I can come here to learn new recipes and to be inspired. Take care and definitely your family comes first.

  5. Ginger says

    You know what, Gwen? I don’t know you but i really like you. You are so darn witty and real. Like how many people really get the “Wonka Wonka” reference? Thank you for that. I will continue to be your fan from a distance :) And way to make great value based choices for you and your fam!

  6. Maiden Princess says

    I applaud your decision, albeit long agonized over, to do what God is calling you to do in this season. While your work with THM is invaluable, your higher calling is to be invested in your family. Those precious moments go by and can never be regained. Please, go and be free to enjoy being the Momma to the precious souls you have been entrusted with and being the Helper Suitable your Husband needs by his side; and know that the THM group is cheering you on to soar to great heights in all the Lord has in store for you!

  7. Brenda Gliko Peterson says

    Thank you Gwen for your time and energy given to help us learn THM. I am glad you are looking for balance. Your family is young and needs you. I am glad for your decision.

  8. Cindy says

    Understand so much the need to cut back, life would be sad without your posts, have so enjoyed them. Blessings! So very glad you are not permanently leaving us.

  9. Kathy in WA says

    Gwen – how do I find the Tuesday Link Ups that you used to do? Are they in a special spot? Thank you SO MUCH for your faithful service for the THM community. Such a gift!! God Bless you and your family! Ooops, I found them. Thanks!

    • Its_Gwen says

      Hi Kathy! Great question…check out the THM button on the menu, and there is an option to pull up all of the Trim Healthy Tuesday posts.

  10. Colleen Cunningham DeCorsey says

    Thank you Gwen! You have helped me a lot, although I rarely comment. Enjoy your time with your family! I look forward to seeing you on your site.

  11. lisa says

    Gwen, you are an awesome lady. Your love of the Lord, your family& life is very evident. You have helped so many people in so many ways in the THM community. Jesus said ‘when you do unto the least of these you do unto me’.
    Be blessed as you have been a blessing.
    Lisa Debaets

  12. Sheila says

    I have missed your posts so much! I am so glad you will be back here. I have gleaned so much from you in my THM journey. Thank you for sharing here.

  13. Shannon Fox says

    Gwen, thank you for being an example of pruning. We all have so many things pulling and tugging on us and no doubt we ALL need to do some pruning on some level. I read a book a few years ago entitled “I Used to be So Organized” by Glynnis Whitwher (sp?!). The ONE thing that really stuck with me from this book was this: Just b/c God has called you to do something at one point in time does NOT mean that He has called you to do that 5 years from now. That was quite freeing for me and it sounds like you are getting to experience that freedom too. It certainly doesn’t mean that the time spent was for naught or not God-called. It just means He has something else for you to do :) Blessings as you step into those new things!

  14. Donna Paulson says

    Thank you for all your wisdom, input, and love and encouragement. You have been a huge help to me and many others. Glad you are not “Really” going anywhere. It takes courage to step back and to be pruned. Enjoy your family, it goes way too fast. I hope our love and words are an encouragement to you as you move into this next chapter of your life. I look forward to being part of this new group and what you will share with us as you feel led. Thank you again for ALL the help you gave to us THM’s. It is really appreciated.

  15. Linda Baker says

    I just had to make that kind of a decision with a long time client, but you know, you can’t do it all, life is too short, and what the future brings you will never know until you get there. Good luck and see you around…here and there.

  16. Kathleen Hooker says

    Thank you so much, you have been my “go to”! It can be a bit tricky doing THM inanother country, but the FB groups and your nest are only ever a click away. Blessings for your new season. Xx

  17. Jenn Petree says

    Hey Gwen, thanks for the post! It really isn’t goodbye, just a new direction to the betterment of yourself and family. I am right there with you, as I have been slowly maneuvering myself out of things I have been involved in for the past 5 years or so, as it was taking up more time than I had with my family. I am going in a new direction also, with discovering and starting THM this year, becoming more involved with my church, and just taking time to spend with my family, as I now have 2 teenagers, and an 8 yr old, and I have been wondering where the time has gone! Glad to know that I will be seeing more on your blog, and knowing that I can pop over here anytime to find what I need, and to read your new posts!

  18. Laura Lane says

    I am so happy for you! Yay! I’m so glad you’re not disappearing. You’ve been a great encouragement to me in the journey.
    Laura Lane

  19. Kristie Hall says

    What a great example you are for us! So thankful for your generosity in teaching us about THM – and you’re modeling biblical womanhood in so many ways! So thankful for you!

  20. Marie Moore says

    Your writing style is entertaining and although I have loved having your input on THM topics it didn’t let you use your talent fully. I look forward to reading much more of your writing.

  21. LaNette says

    Gwen, thank you so much for your work with THM and the Facebook page. You have been a wonderful, solid presence in the THM world, and you are appreciated. I am so glad you will still be blogging! Take care and enjoy the week of chilling! :)

  22. Susan says

    These crossroads are hard to navigate but the Lord leads. Thank you so much for all the advice and recipes and encouragement on my road with THM. Enjoy the new possibilities of a little more time! :) Blessings!

  23. Nina says

    Hi Gwen! I’m wondering if you have ever come across a preventative/treatment for measles in your homeopathic research? In EVERY SINGLE media outlet in Canada they are “pushing” vaccines and literally hating on people who don’t vaccinate. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    I love your cough remedy!! It really works!

    I appreciate your blog and the time you put in at the THM Facebook page. I know it can totally be all-consuming.

    God bless.

  24. Julie Filter says

    Totally understand! Great job scaling back and listening to The Lord on priorities! I’ve taken my own FB sabbatical to focus on all the projects The Lord has laid on my heart to pursue with the blog! Looking forward to your work! Enjoy the relaxation!

  25. Shawnee Halligan says

    Will someone take over hosting Trim Healthy Tuesdays link-ups? Just found THM and wanted to start linking up (and following!)

  26. Aleah Cronk says

    Ha! I just finally read this post… that’s how backed up MY life is! 😛
    I understand. <3
    Ps. My life is forever changed for the better because you served God in the Trim Healthy Mama communities, and let me serve with you. :)

  27. Mary Vein Eastridge says

    Dear Gwen, I just ‘found you’ a week ago and am ever grateful for the help you have already given to me. I felt overwhelmed when I first read THM but your Quick Guide and Easy Start has made it easier for me. Your recipes are great and although I’m not beginning until Feb 2015; I’ve begun to compile all the info in a notebook. I am SO GLAD you have decided to ‘remain balanced’ and keep your priorities in order – most of all that you will be back ere so often! If I may, I’m on a limited budget….but I’m committed. Where is the best website/store to purchase the bigger ticketed items: Electric Grinder, utensils as Pizza Stone, etc…I’m not purchasing them all at once, but wanted to know the best place to go for these items. Thanks! Mary

    • Gwen says

      Hi Mary!
      Hmmm…I find many of my kitchen items at the thrift store, including nice (never used!) baking stones, and coffee grinders that I use for spices. But I do have a kitchen tip here on how you can use your regular blender as a spice grinder! The pizza peel may be harder to find. I’ve seen them at places like TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, and Target. :) Enjoy your cooking adventures!