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I’ll even include a quickie book review below on the Mood Cure…one of my most recommended herbal medicine books for mood disorders.

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The Mood Cure Book Review

Admittedly, this review needs its own post, but I’ll give you a quick review of one of my most recommended herbal medicine books. So many of the posts on my Herbal Chick Chat group are related to depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders. I’ve watched friends agonize over whether or not to take depression meds or to try herbs instead.

The trick with mood disorders is that they are not all caused by the same thing. The Mood Cure by Julia Ross is an awesome book if you’re contemplating how to help yourself or someone else who is suffering with anxiety, depression, or other mood problems.

After a brief introduction, Ross moves into the four different types of mood disorders, complete with case histories and explanations about which amino acids play into the neurotransmitter dysfunctions. She then includes a quiz for you to take to help determine which amino acids you may be deficient in.

Finally, she helps you craft a protocol with herbs, supplements, and foods to help you quickly rebalance your amino acid profiles. I’ve had great success in helping family members reverse symptoms of mood disorders very quickly using this book and the supplements she recommends. And I’ve seen friends come completely off of depression meds and finally be able to manage symptoms with these techniques.

She does recommend working with your doctor or pharmacist prior to wean off any depression meds prior to starting amino acid therapy. And I highly suspect that there are underlying digestive issues at work in many cases of mood disorders, so it may become necessary to work with a natural health practitioner for deeper healing in that area long term. But the Mood Cure is a great starting point for addressing mood issues naturally.

This herbal remedies book has a permanent place on my bookshelf!