Herbal Skin Care

This little natural remedy and herb shop was borne of my desire to find more natural products for my family...and my love of Amazon's free shipping! You'll find my favorite shampoo, laundry soap, vitamins, bulk herbs, and remedies all right here.

Herbal skin care and natural beauty products to give you that gorgeous natural glow! Here are my top picks for great quality herbal and natural skin care products, from creams or cleansers and exfoliation. Get your glow on!

For my top 5 natural skin care tips, keep reading below the store.

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My Top 5 Natural Skin Care Tips

  1. Wear a hat when going out in the sun. Keeping the harsh sun off of your face will help protect your delicate facial skin even more than wearing sunscreen. If you are going to be in a situation where you cannot wear a hat, then opt for a great quality natural mineral sunscreen to block the sun, and reapply regularly.
  2. Ditch the makeup wipes and harsh cleaners. While it may feel very refreshing and cleansing at first, they strip your skin of the natural oils and can mess with your skin ph, which is an important part of preserving skin health!
  3. Use oils to wash your face. Though oil cleansing may seem counter-intuitive, it makes sense that the skin oils are better replaced with similar healthy oils instead of scrubbed away. Crunchy Betty suggests certain oil blends depending on your skin type. There are 2 oils that I don’t care for on my face (but love on my dinner table): olive oil is just too greasy for my skin, and coconut oil can be drying and can clog pores. If you have SUPER oily skin, coconut oil may be a good short term option.
  4. Healthy skin starts from the inside out. Eat cleanly, getting lots of leafy greens, veggies, fruits, and good healthy fats surrounding a healthy protein source for meals and snacks. Drink your water and ditch the caffeine. Green smoothies on occasion, and a great whole foods multi can round out your skin care routine.
  5. Support a healthy liver! Many people are unaware of the *critical* role that the liver plays in detoxing our bodies and breaking down used hormones. What happens if the liver gets backed up and isn’t functioning effectively? You guessed it…hormones don’t get broken down properly, and the liver can even start shunting junk into your lymph system to try to flush things out.
    Think about it: the most acne prone times are during puberty, pregnancy/nursing, and “time of month”…all of the times when hormones are running rampant.
    Be kind to your liver and pamper it with a good herbal support, and keep soluble fiber like beans, apples, and pears (or products made from them) in your diet weekly to keep that bile clear.