High Blood Calcium Series


I'd never heard of high blood calcium and had no idea what it meant...I only know that I had to find a way to start living again. This is my story. I was not getting answers to some persistent and frustrating health issues until I pinpointed high blood calcium on my blood test results, and tracked down the root cause. Parathyroid problems and high blood calcium are not well known in the wider medical community, so it was missed by my doctors over and over. I’m so thankful that I didn’t just settle for sleep testing and depression meds like my first doctor suggested. This is my story of discovering the cause of my exhaustion, working to try natural remedies, and ultimately recovering from my ordeal.

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood calcium, I hope that my story is an encouragement to you. 

Part 1: What I Didn’t Know

Part 2: Not Just a Name But a Reason

Part 3: Skeptics, Proof, and Hope Like 20 Mules

Part 4: What Goes Up…

Part 5: Decisions

Part 6: Parathyroid Surgery

Part 7: New Year New Me

Have you had a brush with high blood calcium or parathyroid disease? Please comment on the posts, and share your experiences and encouragements to others who are walking this path.

High blood calcium is undertreated, and not well understood at this time by most doctors, so please spread awareness! Thank you for reading and sharing this post with others!