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Scroll down to read about my best natural cleaners trick for removing stinky smells- it even worked for rotten potatoes that soaked into carpeting!

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Natural Cleaners & Deodorizing Tips

Is there anything worse than that smell when a potato goes bad? Apparently there is- when it brings all it’s friends along with it and soaks through the carpet.

A close friend confided in me one day that she was dreading having to deal with removing carpeting, but that her whole house stunk. One of her children had helped her carry in groceries, and somehow the bag of potatoes had been placed into the coat closed…and you can guess the rest of the story. They started smelling something awful, and the culprit was finally discovered, but the damage was done. The horrific smell had seeped through the carpeting, and even after cleaning with multiple (not so natural) cleaners, and using baking soda, the rotted stench still lingered.

The whole family was avoiding opening the coat closet, and even avoiding that area of their house. It was bad. She was envisioning having to rip up carpeting and maybe even removing subflooring.

But thankfully, she didn’t have to. Here’s my BEST tip for removing stubborn, stinky stains! You only need one very inexpensive natural cleaner: an enzyme cleaner. This is what I told my friend, and it totally worked! We’ve used this trick for years with bed wetters and pets, and it works every time.

  1. Grab a bottle of natural enzyme cleaner. Oftentimes it’s sold on the pet aisle…I even use the stuff from the Dollar Tree and it works like a charm.
  2. Saturate your stained or stinky area with the enzyme cleaner. If you’re not sure where the stink is coming from a black light is a big help.
  3. Keep the area wet until there is no more stink! This is the most important part of the tip: the enzymes are like tiny tools that break down the bacteria, and they need time to work. They only work when the area is damp. So cover it in plastic if necessary and just leave them alone to do their thing.
  4. Once the stink is gone, clean as normal, and dry quickly.

What’s your favorite green cleaning tip or natural cleaners?