Homeschooling Surprises

After a nice holiday break, and then a not-so-nice Flu break for Mom, we’re back in the saddle again with homeschooling.
This is our second year, and I have to say, there is a lot about homeschooling that has surprised me.  I really, really like it.  It’s a great fit for our family, and I love learning with the kids.
But I didn’t expect to have my students passing notes in class.  Especially not the facebook style note I intercepted above.  Such goofballs!
When I ordered the used history book, and it said that it might have writing or highlighting, I really didn’t expect to open it and find “Yo Yo What’s up chicken butt?” written across the index page.  Huh.
One of my children is a natural speller, and the other is a natural mis-speller.  So, I always expect to find spelling mistakes.  But there is a doozie of a mistake in the paper below.
Like, shoot milk out of your nose kind of doozie.
This grain mill would definitely be shut down by the health department.  Can you spot it?

Yikes.  I had to dive under the table and compose myself on that one.


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