I Crocheted A Viking Hat

I crocheted a Viking Hat …for a real Viking.

He’s brave, daring, and makes frequent raids of destruction.  He *needed* this hat.

But apparently, Vikings are not necessarily fond of crochetedhead-gear.   This little factoid was not mentioned in my How to Raise a Viking Manual.  My bad.

And if you force a Viking to wear a crocheted hat, and take his picture…

and then further humiliate him by posting in on the worldwide web…

Warning: the image above is real footage of the aftermath of an actual Viking raid.  Viewer discretion is advised.

He WILL arm himself

and get even.

*sigh*  Maybe we’ll try again next year.  Maybe 3 year old Vikings appreciate the fine art of crochet.

P.S. I don’t iron tablecloths.  Can we still be friends?

P.P.S This is where I bought the instructions for the Crocheted Viking Hat.  $5.50 is a real bargain for such an adorable pattern, methinks!  I’m just learning, so one horn is a bit crooked.  But I think it’s fitting.

P.P.P.S The above photos were actually taken all in a row…he really did take off running for the plunger to do my floors while I was trying to take a photo of him in his new hat.   I never knew life could be this exciting!

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