In a Different Light

Sometimes, it’s just little changes around here that make me VERY happy.  I recently made a discovery that has really made a difference in my kitchen, and even here on the recipe blog.  I changed the light bulb.

I’ve noticed that on the occasions when I’ve photographed food in the evening, that the photos turned out really yellow.  I was peeved, and ended up spending a lot of time in Photoshop for not very good results.
We had standard cef bulbs, and I always thought that they were a nice quality of light.  I never really noticed them looking this yellowish in real life, but I guess the camera doesn’t lie.

This is my kitchen with the old cef bulbs, completely un-retouched:

Jaundice, anyone?

And this is what I was getting when I’d photograph in my kitchen at night.


Of course, I try to photograph the recipes during the daytime, because the natural light is so much nicer.  So, it occurred to me that maybe I should take a close look at the full spectrum light bulbs that mimic natural light.

THIS is the difference it made!

I’m thinking I may also change the bulb in the lamp that I read by at night.  I really love the crisp, cool light from these bulbs!  Such a small change, and such a nice difference in my home.  Plus, it saves me MUCH time in photoshop if I do have to photograph at night.  This is what I purchased, and it was worth the little extra!

I love you, new lightbulbs!!!


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  1. Barbara baze says

    WOW.. I did not realize what a difference the lighting in your home could make.. I am going to try them.. maybe it will brighten my home a bit.. there are times at night I see a yellow tinge.. thank you for the info.

  2. Reila says

    Hi, I have changed my yellow light for a white one and it is much more like sunlight in my room and makes me happier. However, thunk twice before using a whiter light before you sleep – it will make you less sleep and prevent your brain from preparing to sleep. This can diminish the quality of your sleep.