Freezing Bacon II-Space Saver Option

A while back, I posted a kitchen tip on freezing bacon flat on a cookie sheet.  This weekend, my man and I were making breakfast together, and he had a great idea for freezing bacon in a much smaller space.  So I took a few snapshots for you.  This is for everyone who has a side-by-side freezer, or (like me) keeps their freezer too full to slide in a cookie sheet.I first learned the value of individually freezing bacon when we were newlyweds.  I’d used part of a pack of bacon, and tossed the rest of the package in the freezer.  When I went back to use it a week or so later, it was frozen into a solid slab of bacony goodness, and my best efforts at separating the slices produced bacon bits for breakfast.

Here’s a simple and space-saving kitchen tip to freeze bacon slices separately
:Step 1- Lay down a piece of wax paper on counter or cookie sheet.

Step 2- Lay bacon strips down on wax paper.

Step 3- place a sheet of wax paper over the top of your bacon layer.Step 4- Roll up wax paper.Step 5- Slide into a freezer bag, and freeze. (Repeat with any remaining bacon.)

There you have it.  When you need a slice of bacon, just unroll and take out what you need…no more chipping away at rock solid slabs of bacon!Hope this is a useful tip for you!  Stay tuned this week for one of my signature recipes…my son calls it the best meatloaf recipe ever.  “The kids at school are crazy!  They don’t even likemeatloaf!”


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  1. Patti Boser says

    your idea about freezing bacon was fantastic. We love bacon, but we don’t eat it very often. This will certainly save us money. No more waste!