Freezing Bacon

Bacon is one of those foods that I just can’t imagine living without.  Whether your preference is for thick cut, pepper crusted, turkey, beef, or pork; bacon=love.  It is so versatile…I use it on everything from pizza to soup to our standard Saturday morning brrunch-a-thon.The kind I usually buy comes in large, 3 lb. packages.  As much as I enjoy bacon, I cannot use 3 pounds before it starts to go bad.

Once, when I was but a blushing bride, I tossed a package in the freezer.  But I wasn’t thinking ahead, and after a long time of trying to chip the slices apart, we ended up with bacon bits for breakfast.

So, this is the solution I came to.  I lay the slices out on a cookie sheet or tray…whatever will fit into your freezer.  I like to line the tray with parchment or wax paper so it’s easier to clean, and easy to separate the slices.  Pop into the freezer for a few hours or overnight.

Now that your bacon is individually frozen, you can toss it into a freezer bag to use whenever you’d like. Full sized slices fit best in a 2 gallon freezer bag.

I’ve recently discovered that half slices are really a lot easier to cook and maneuver in the pan.  So the last time I froze bacon, I just rolled up the wax paper and cut the whole log in half.  Then, they’re small enough to store in a regular one gallon bag with no problem.

Frozen bacon cooks just exactly the same as unfrozen, and it’s actually easier to dice up if you need it chopped for a recipe.  So there you go…no more bacon gone wrong.

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  1. Rebecca says

    Hi: Perfect timing for me. Hubby just brought home 10 pounds of bacon. Just wondering, does it freezer burn with nothing over it on the initial freeze?


    • says

      It may if you leave it in for a long time, but it freezes very quickly because it’s so thin. :) Leaving it in overnight won’t hurt, but I’d get it sealed up within a few hours to a day of freezing. :)