Marking Leftovers

I love, love, love using glass jars to store leftovers, and the plastic lids are so much easier for leftovers and freezing than the standard ring lids.   However, I do not love trying to clean sharpie marker off the lids of the jars.

So, I bought a China Marker, which is a waxy pencil that marks on the surface, but wipes clean with a bit of oil or dish soap.  Craft stores, and hardware stores carry china markers.  I found a two pack in the area where sharpie markers and drawing pencils are sold.

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Update: Some of you have asked (via facebook) where I bought the China Markers.  I found them at Hobby Lobby in the special pen section.  At my local store, it’s located right next to the framing department.  If you have trouble finding them, Amazon sells them for what I paid.  They would make a good add-on to get free shipping the next time you order.  (And if you order from my associates link below, I thank you!)

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