Grease Your Pan

My Grandma taught me how to grease a pan.  You can learn a lot of amazing kitchen tips from the generation that lived through the great depression.  I think of her whenever I unwrap a stick of butter.  She would scrape all that extra butter off, OR…

fold it (butter side in) and stash it in the freezer.  I have started stashing mine in a zipper bag.  The next time you need to grease a pan…

grab a butter paper and unfold it.  Voila!  An instant perfectly sized pan-greaser!  The frozen bits of butter are all you’ll need to grease up a cake pan or two.  The heat from your hands melts it quickly.

Thank you, Grandma for such a practical and easy lesson in frugality!This Kitchen Tip is brought to you by Tammy’s Recipes…check out her blog every Tuesday for more great kitchen tips!


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