Laptop Ventilation Stand

A cute laptop ventilation stand may already be hiding in your house! Check out this fun tip for extending the life of your laptop.

This laptop ventilation stand idea is a simple and stylish trick to keep your laptop from overheating from sitting on non vented or insulating surfaces.

I’m a little paranoid about my laptop. It contains bajillions of hours worth of research, writing, and family photos that are pretty priceless. I have it backed up. Twice. But I still don’t want to take any chances with shortening its life span.


I’d invested in a little metal laptop ventilation stand for my oldest who does online school. The purpose was to keep the computer up off of the table or your lap enough too where air could flow under it. Supposedly, this keeps it from overheating.

And that’s supposed to give it a longer lifespan. But man, the laptop stands are so bulky and industrial looking. And not pretty. So I upcycled…repurposed, and saved my cash. IMG_3408I grabbed this pretty trivet, and claimed it as my laptop ventilation stand. It does a fine job of creating a little airspace between my computer and the desk. I keep one on my desk, and grab this one out of the dining room if I’m working somewhere else in the house.
IMG_3406I just love cool tricks like this that save me money AND look cute in the process. Do you use a stand for your laptop?


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