Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees…

Our bluebird couple are busy preparing their nest for the year.  Yesterday, I watched Mother Bluebird carrying straw back to the nest all day long.
This morning at breakfast, my oldest girl filled us in on some drama she had witnessed.  Apparently, Mother and Daddy Bluebird were “fighting.”  He was screaming at her, and started jumping on her back.  And then he was biting at her feathers.  Then, she screamed back at him and flew away.  Let that be a lesson to him.  Don’t mess with the Mama before she has her coffee.  Or her grasshopper or whatever.

Really, this friskiness is what you’d call “the birds and the bees.”  It also involves Daddy Bluebird doing some fancy, flippy wing rotations to show off for his lady love.  They are totally oblivious to our family eating breakfast only a few yards away.  And me snapping photos at every opportunity…poor dears.

I’m predicting some eggs being laid within the next few days.


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