Liver & Endocrine: Hormones, & Adrenal Fatigue

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Adrenal fatigue hit close to home for me, so collecting these natural products to support a healthy endocrine system, adrenals, and hormones was personal. The liver isn’t technically a part of the endocrine system, but it plays such a critical role in hormones and detox (and was a vital part of my recovery) that I also added liver support into this category too.

See below for my best tips if you’re dealing with adrenal fatigue.
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Adrenal Fatigue Tips

  1. Get enough deep sleep each night. Be in bed by 10 PM if possible. And it’s OK to take an herbal sleep support blend for short term to restore your sleep. Sleep is very healing for the whole body, including the adrenals.
  2. Eat regularly and choose protein centered meals and snacks with healthy carbs throughout the day to support adrenal health.
  3. Take a good quality adrenal support herbal blend, and consider a liver support blend as well.
  4. Stop trying to “push through it.”
  5. Avoid strenuous exercise, emotionally crippling relationships, and undue stressors. Find ways of streamlining the areas of your life that cause you the most stress.
  6. Support healthy hormone balance if your hormones are too low. I like pregnenolone for this in tiny daily doses that are sublingual. The adrenals produce both cortisol (for inflammation/stress) and pregnenolone, the precursor to all of the sex hormones. If they cannot meet the body’s need for cortisol, the adrenals will ‘steal’ the pregnenolone and this can cause the sex hormones to taper off.
  7. This is the most important one: find out *why* your adrenals are being constantly triggered. This may take some testing. Oftentimes, there is an underlying infection (mine had *no* obvious symptoms outside of adrenal fatigue!) or lifestyle and stress triggers and often all 3 will conspire to tap the adrenals until you have symptoms of adrenal insufficiency. I highly recommend looking up a functional medicine doctor in your area, or asking for recommendations from local friends for a practitioner who has experience with treating adrenal fatigue via root causes.