Low Carb Caramel Samoan Milkshake

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Trim Healthy Tuesdays

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  1. vickie says

    Oh that milkshake sounds so good- I can’t wait to try it! That’s one of my favorite girl scout cookies also so it will hit the spot.

  2. Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy says

    Maybe this is a dumb question and I just don’t know enough about it yet, as I haven’t yet read the book. But why, if you use cottage cheese (dairy), bother using almond milk? This does sound super yummy!

    • says

      From someone who loves Gwen’s Shakes, the cottage cheese is what really makes it turn into a milkshake. It is so creamy in texture and will fool you into thinking you added real ice cream into the blender. The almond milk is just a thinner consistency and helps everything get blended together nicely.

    • Its_Gwen says

      The cottage cheese gives it a creamy texture…the almond milk just pulls the calories down. With THM, we don’t use regular milk in the weight loss portion and especially in S meals, due to the lactose or milk sugars. But we can enjoy lots of other dairy options including cottage cheese.

  3. Minnesotamom says

    That’s crazy! Minus the coconut, I had tweaked your Thin Mint Shake (which I love!) in the same way to make a chocolate caramel shake. Can’t wait to try this version.

    • Its_Gwen says

      I haven’t found a sugar free caramel that I enjoy yet. But the whole toasted coconut with sugar free sweetener gives a pretty good crunchy caramel texture that is SO delicious!

  4. Mel Lotti says

    This was fantastic! Although I don’t like the hardened chocolate in my shakes so I always sub with 1T cocoa powder.

  5. Mariah Crownover says

    This shake and the bulk topping are my new favorite THM recipes! I dream about them and when I will eat them next.. Great recipes!!!

  6. Jessica Abel says

    I thought this was one of the best things THM that I have tried in a while. I want another but I don’t have any cottage cheese right now and it is so filling. thnks to Jennifer for this one.

  7. Anna says

    AMAZING!!! I used homemade cottage cheese instead of store-bought, and I think it made it even better!

  8. Beckie says

    I am finally following the instructions on this recipe…to send a love note! SERIOUSLY!!! This recipe is SOOOOO yummy and is one of my absolute favorites!! Truly! THANK you for sharing it with the THM world!! :) :)

    Blessings to you!! (and thanks for being an inspiration to so many!!)

    • says

      Hi Judy!
      I don’t, but if you use Yummly, they will calculate it when you save the recipes to your recipe box. :) I do often provide the net carbs and fats for recipes, but the THM plan that I follow doesn’t require me to consider certain types of carbs, so if you need extremely accurate nutrient info, then consider using Yummly or an app like My Fitness Pal. :)

  9. Ashley says

    I have never posted a comment on a blog before, but I absolutely felt the need to tell you OH. MY. GOSH. This shake is amazing!!! The toasted coconut is incredible. I feel like I went to dairy Queen or hunted down a little cookie pusher and got a sugar fix!! Thank you for this, I cannot wait to try more! Also, this recipe split nicely into 3 decent sized shakes! (One for me, one dh, and one for my breakfast! We had to use a bit more ice to thicken it up)

  10. Renee says

    This is amazing!! I made it without the topping and didn’t miss it at all. Can’t wait to make it again!! Thank you for sharing.


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