Magnesium Deficiency Series


Magnesium deficiency is a very common problem with some very common annoying symptoms…but it can also have seriously life altering symptoms too. It’s the one supplement I will ALWAYS have on hand…it’s known to be an excellent first line of defense in heart attacks!

I learned SO much studying magnesium and all of the ways it supports health, as well as the best ways and forms to use it. I’ve compiled all of my research and my best magnesium recipes here in this series. Learn how to identify and easily address magnesium deficiency!

Magnesium: the Calming Essential Mineral– updated with new information about magnesium links to heart attacks, diabetes, ecclampsia/preecclampsia, and more.

Magnesium Supplements: a Great DIY Recipe – with printable recipe!

Magnesium Supplement Recipe Update and Q&A– lots of testimonials, techniques, and questions answered from the previous recipe post.

My DIY Magnesium Supplement: New & Improved -updated and included with printable recipe (above).

Foods High in Magnesium – I’ll show you which foods are excellent sources of dietary magnesium, and why mineral rich foods are your best choice for maintaining healthy levels. The foods high in magnesium help support healthy mineral levels

Alkaline Water Recipe: A gentle daily maintenance dose that makes your water taste great! This concentrate makes over 36 gallons of alkaline water.

alkaline water smimg

Magnesium Oil Recipe: a simple spray on supplement.

Magnesium oil for relaxation, sleep, and muscle cramps...make your own with this simple recipe!

The Best Form of Magnesium to Take

Whats the best magnesium to take? I'll give you the inside scoop on choosing magnesium supplements

Beauty Tips: amazing uses of Milk of MagnesiaBeauty tips: amazing uses for Milk of Magnesia- it's an acne treatment and natural deodorant and more!