Most Awesome Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe Ever

decadent hot cocoa mix recipe-naughty but worth it!This hot cocoa mix recipe is the most awesome cup of hot cocoa that I’ve ever had. It’s a blend of hot chocolate and hot cocoa mix recipes, with a little bit of real white chocolate thrown in to boot. That’s triple chocolate if anyone is counting. And quadruple if you count the special secret ingredient that makes it so deliciously divine.

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This is definitely a naughty recipe! If you’re a regular reader, you probably know that I’m usually all about the super healthy and sugar free options. (I’ll give you a great hot cocoa recipe next week!) But if you’re going to make a gift for a chocolate loving friend, or if you’re going to splurge on a cup of hot cocoa, you might as well make it incredibly amazing and memorable. Put down that pouch of low budget cocoa, and try this amazing MOST awesome hot cocoa mix recipe ever!

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I’ve tried my share of homemade mixes, and could never love them. I finally narrowed it down to one single ingredient that I didn’t like, and then I had an epiphany…and this recipe was born.

I share the hot cocoa mix recipe here on Blendtec’s blog.

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Hot chocolate mix is not something I take lightly. This decadent recipe is beyond good. It's triple chocolate decadence in an easy pre-made mix!


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    Looks interesting! I have a hard time with the super healthy recipes because I don’t like warm almond milk! Personally, milk, cocoa powder and sugar work pretty well together!